Dating a girl in a bikini  and Bikini Queens dating slot

Bikini Queen is a slot game published in Vera John Casino and InterCasino in February 2021. It’s getting a lot of attention because it’s an exclusive model that can only be played at Vera John Casino and Inter Casino until the summer of 2021.

Somewhat naughty slots are featuring four cute and sexy swimming girls who might appear in the anime. In this article, I have given a detailed description of the specs, possibilities, bonus modes, etc., of the bikini queen dating slot, which is full of excitement. You may click here ビキニクイーンズ デーティング for a list of free casino slots

“Bikini Heartbeat” Free Spins

Bikini Queens dating slots have an accessible spin mode excluding bonus games. The most significant opportunity to make money on bikini queen dating is still free to spin. I will specifically explain the triggers and details of free spins.

Free spin trigger

To get free spins, you need to fill ten heart meters at the top of the reel. The heart meter is a specification that collects a wild symbol every time it appears.

In other words, you can always get free spins by continuing dating Bikini Queens for a certain period. If the Heart symbol is present, it not only plays a role as a wild but also allows a free spin, so it can also be said to be a very grateful symbol.

Number of free spins

The number of free spins is 20. Slots with 20 free spins from the start are pretty rare, and you have a chance to win big prizes.

During free spins, the wild symbol of the heart will increase the multiplier by 1. Therefore, in the early stages of the wheel, when multiplying the multiplier, the big win is not a dream when it involves high-quality price symbols when the multiplier increases slightly.

“Love Shot X” if you have all the bonus types during Frisby.

Bonus symbols may also appear during free spins. If you have all three, you can enter a bonus mode called “Love Shoot X.” Intimacy with the girl is much more than a typical game of love shoot you will also get a chance to win 1000 times the jackpot prize, which will be the most paid in bikini queens dating slots.

Bikini Queen’s dating slot production company Manna Play

Speaking of slots, keep in mind that Merchant, Microgaming, and JTG have recently become a hot topic for Pass Slot slots, but not many people have heard much about Manna Play. However, Manna Play has released several places to suit the tastes of the Japanese people.

“Tokyo Suites” with Kabukicho themes, “Yokai in their village,” “Sushi cat” like Jazz Kitaro, loose character slots for sushi cats, “Taisho samurai romance,” “Ninja master” slots with retro Taisho era themes, etc. (?) … Each space is designed to appeal to Japanese players. This time around, “ビキニクイーンズデーティング” is the successor to the “Bikini Queens” slot released in September 2020.

Bikini Queens Dating Slots Summary

When you think of the slots where girls appear on the beach and in bikinis, you might think of the “Hawaiian Dream,” which is popular with the Japanese, but it has more to do with girls. Features like Bonus Games are

Similar to JTG’s erotic slot “Oiran Dream.”

Dating bikini queens as a slot game is extremely easy. The atmosphere is bright overall, and you can enjoy the game. Men, in particular, will be engrossed in playing with cute bikini girls. In particular, there is an exciting bonus game excluding free spins, so you can enjoy it without getting bored. And website provide by world most popular entertainment music health lifestyle and much more information here.

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