SnagFilms Announces Partnership With ViewLift

SnagFilms is a film streaming site that features a library of over 5,000 films. The website also allows filmmakers to submit their movies and masstamilan documentaries for consideration, which gives them a chance to get their work out there to the world.

The website launched in 2008 and was founded by Internet pioneer Ted Leonsis. Venture capitalist Miles Gilburne and Revolution LLC chairman Steve Case are also investors.

It’s available online, through Apple and Android devices, Xbox, and other popular media consoles. The ad-supported service offers thousands of movies, primarily documentaries and independent features, on demand upon signing up.

Subscribers can watch their videos in a browser on Windows and Mac computers, and can also download them to their iOS or Android device for later viewing. The site is also compatible with most TVs and media players, including Roku and Amazon Fire.

The website’s video widget can be myvuhub  embedded in a wide range of social-networking sites and blogs, making it easy to share films and spark discussions on topics that matter. For example, director/producer Lisa Russell used SnagFilms to spread the reach of her documentary We Will Not Die Like Dogs, which profiles four inspirational African AIDS activists from Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia.

SnagFilms has recently teamed up with ViewLift, a full-service video platform that empowers brands to distribute content through custom, branded apps on every major digital device – more than any other company in the industry. The service is backed by a deep domain expertise in monetization models and a proven track record of driving results for its clients.

Its video player can be deployed to a variety of televisions and teachertn media players, including Comcast’s Xfinity and Verizon FiOS systems. It also is Apple AirPlay enabled, allowing viewers to stream SnagFilms titles on Apple TV.

In addition to the video player, SnagFilms’ content is also available on DIRECTV Cinema and through pay video on demand with Comcast and FiOS, as well as iTunes, HuluPlus and Amazon. The service also offers original video content on YouTube’s Premium and branded channels with Comcast and FiOS, as well.

The site’s library of titles includes pagalsongs documentary films by National Geographic, as well as Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me and other independent labels. The site also features many award-winning films and documentaries.

Unlike Netflix, SnagFilms has no limitations on how long films stay up on its website. This means that it will always have a library of content to offer its subscribers.

SnagFilms also allows its members to rate and yareel  comment on the content they’re watching. This gives viewers a better idea of what to expect from the movie they’re about to watch and encourages more users to recommend it to others.

Its film selections are constantly changing, and it has a dedicated team that monitors its library on a daily basis. The site also offers a subscription plan that gives its subscribers access to a broader library of films and series.

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