4 tips for choosing the right food packaging and bags

Plastic dishes? It’s almost finished! Restaurateurs and traders have said goodbye to plastic bags. What if these new regulations were a great opportunity to rethink the plastic bags in food packaging? Many alternative and smart solutions exist and professionals have everything to gain by adopting them.

1. Integrate regulations into your purchasing strategy

Restaurant owners are already subject to a host of regulations and sometimes take a dim view of new rules emerging. Especially if uses, such as the use of plastic, are well anchored in habits. To help you see more clearly and choose your food packaging, why not opt ​​for a mini-audit? It would be the case of a day during which a professional will look at your activity and its specificities and then direct you to the best food packaging solutions adapted to your constraints.

A catering expert carries out very thorough benchmarks, knows the brands and manufacturers that may suit you and the multitude of new materials to judiciously replace plastic in favor of ecological food packaging, for example. It will then be easier to make your choice and integrate the selected suppliers into your purchasing strategy. But if you ask us, we would recommend BlueRose Packaging. They provide many high quality packaging types at affordable prices.

2. Choose the materials that correspond to your activity

Restaurateurs and concept food and food truck managers have almost no excuse for shying away from eco-responsible containers when it comes to choosing the right food packaging! Today, with the multitude of offers on the market – and at increasingly attractive prices – there is bound to be one for you. On condition of knowing well the constraints of its activity and choosing suitable subjects. And in this area, plants hold great promises.

Sugar cane bagasse is particularly robust, resists cold and fatty substances very well while being light and easily transportable. 100% recyclable, it is an entirely natural material with very interesting properties for restoration. A material for food packaging which presents as a bonus, an excellent quality / price ratio. An option particularly suitable for fast food restaurants and food trucks. For more consistency, consider standardizing the use of a single material throughout the meal: for bowls, lunch boxes, plates, etc. Your approach will only be noticed and … remarkable!

3. Make your bags and packaging your best marketing allies

Loyalty is also played with a few tips. What if your bag also became a loyalty card? Why not reserve a discreet place to stamp the bag each time your clients visit? He will inevitably think of bringing it back during his visits to your sign. Clever and win-win! We recommend using wholesale corrugated boxes that can be customized to enhance your branding. It worked on us!

4. Don’t forget tablecloths and napkins in your eco-responsible thinking

Ecological tableware and food packaging are good and also eco-friendly tablecloths and napkins are even better. As a manager of a concept food or food truck, you will play the card of consistency by offering tablecloths and napkins in ecological materials.

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