Important Criteria for Finding High Quality Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is timeless and experiences frequent resurgences in popular design culture, for a number of reasons.

More families, designers and businesses have begun purchasing wood furniture to decorate their spaces. There are many options to go for when looking for the right type of rustic wood. For example, you can purchase a wood dresser for your bedroom or a rustic wood coffee table for your living room from a woodcrafter to give your home a new aesthetic and feel.

While these are great new additions to any space, it’s important to keep in mind a few things before buying the new furniture.


Rustic wood may look fantastic in every location but should not be placed in direct sunlight unless you’re okay with discoloration. As the woods expose to direct sunlight, it causes the furniture to fade in color. When it is in direct sunlight, a good solution for the wood is to close the curtains during the day to prevent direct sunlight or have it covered when not in use.

Also, ensure to always measure your space before purchasing wood furniture, as they are usually custom-made to fit your space.


The type of wood you choose for your furniture is a significant factor in its durability. For example, maple wood is a heavy and durable hardwood used for various types of furniture, including cabinetry and flooring.

It’s important to know what wood you choose for your furniture as some are more durable than others.


While wood furniture is unique and shines in any room, it can come with a heftier price tag. Keep in mind your budget when you’re deciding on which furniture piece to buy. If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of wood furniture without the high cost, consider pine wood.

Pine wood is a durable softwood that is inexpensive and develops a rustic patina over time.

Interior Design

While the rustic wood furniture does look spectacular in most rooms, it may clash with others. Wood furniture has rich and unique characteristics that can either make or break a room.

For example, if your home or office space’s interior design is heavy with glass and steel furniture, it may not work with your motif. Therefore, finding the correct furniture piece is key to have a cohesive space.

You want your furniture to stand out but not in a “what is this doing here” kind of way.


When expanding your wood furniture’s longevity, it’s essential to clean it properly. Your furniture’s cleaning process can differ from the type of wood and what you’re cleaning.

For example, if you opt against coasters, you will most likely have water stains from your glasses. One tip to remove these stains is to mix vinegar and olive oil and apply the mixture with a cloth. Vinegar removes the water stain, and the olive oil is the polish.

Rustic wood furniture isn’t just a furniture for the present day, but timeless artifice for future generations. So, when considering which furniture piece to go with, be mindful of the wood you decide to purchase. By avoiding cheap materials, you’re opting for maximum longevity and durability.

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