Top 15 Manhwa Applications you should try

Webtoon Comics is a pretty popular app with titles like webtoon and manhwa. It can be seen that Webtoon Comics has a fairly high download volume on Android. Webtoon Comics contains many publishers as well as different genres of stories. You can try reading it to see if you want to read the series. AI will filter and based on your preferences to make recommendations for you. If you sync your data, no matter what device you use it on, you won’t miss your favorite series you’ve been reading.


The name is really no stranger to Manhwa enthusiasts anymore. belongs to the famous company WarnerMedia. was born with the purpose of bringing fans around the world together to exchange knowledge and discuss. gives you access to a huge collection of popular books. The stories here are arranged quite carefully, by topic to make it easier for readers to find. Because it’s free, you will sometimes encounter annoying ads. However, you can sign up for an account and pay a monthly fee to remove this annoyance.

2. net provides the hottest Manhwa titles from time to time. In addition, updates daily manhwa to meet the maximum reading needs of users. Not only Manhwa, also offers many other genres, such as Korean webtoon. Most of’s titles are free, but there are some titles that you need to pay to read. If you’re an author, consider You can post and share your own stories with the world. In particular, there is a large number of people using is available in many languages to make it easy for readers to read.

3. com

Readfreecomics has a lot of cool manhwa features and is easy to use for both Android and iOS users. You can freely read Manhwa for free on Readfreecomics. Readfreecomics offers a large number of popular titles. In addition, you can sort, filter and save your favorite Manhwa series by saving history. The producer has optimized the usage speed of Readfreecomics so that readers can enjoy their reading time in the most comfortable way.

4. uk is exclusive to Shuiesa. They have produced many webtoons globally famous series such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, … provides and updates new Manhwa every day, you can immerse yourself in it. You can also discuss and exchange ideas about Manhwa in the comments section. You can also contact creators directly and join their fan club. With your favorite stories, you can also save them for further reading.

5. com offers thousands of free Manhwa titles. Due to the expansion, is attracting new titles from a variety of sources to increase the richness of the story collection. Users can also comment, exchange, and share feelings about any comic. It’s great that doesn’t have a lot of ads even though it’s a free site.

6. online is available on many platforms from Window to operating systems like iOS and Android. Even if you don’t know what Manhwa to read, will suggest you the best Manhwa based on your interests. is always arranged and selected in order, which makes it easier for readers to find and read the Manhwa. You can read the titles online or download the titles. When there is a new story, will send a notification so you don’t miss anything.

7. info has attracted more than 1 million users by providing more than 2000 latest and hottest Manhwa stories. Coming to, you can search for all kinds of topics and genres including romance, horror, … With a vertical reading format, users will be very easy to use. Don’t worry that using will take up your space, because the technology has processed the images to help you reduce data usage. You can advertise by paying.

8. is compatible with many operating systems, but is not officially available on the Google Play Store yet. user interface is quite simple, extremely easy to use. Like other applications, offers a lot of genres manhwa that users often find and read. Freecomiconline has Manhwa titles translated into many languages.

9. Manhwa UP!

Manhwa UP! offers both manhwa and popular Manhwa. When there are any new chapters, Manhwa UP! are updated immediately. Comics in Manhwa UP! High quality, sharp images, very eye-catching colors. From the moment you access it, you can see the interface of Manhwa UP! very friendly. You can also save your reading history for the next time you read on.

10. Manhwa Fox

Manhwa Fox is a free reading browser. While it’s a pretty cool app, it’s only compatible with Android. Thanks to Manhwa Fox, you can search Manhwa from many other browsers and experience excellent reading quality. The great thing about Manhwa Fox is its privacy mode. Manhwa Fox browses the web anonymously, your information and online privacy. You’ll be at ease when Manhwa Fox is completely free of annoying ads for you.

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