Diablo 4 – Post-Launch Seasons

Diablo 4 had been a long time coming, and with the game finally out now, praise needs to be given about its art style, tone, and satisfying combat. To give players beet experience, one of the most biggest Diablo 4 marketplace, U7BUY, launched many goods and service for sale, you won’t miss that.

However, these don’t guarantee the longevity of a particular game, even for a game as renowned as Diablo 4, and only new post-game content can keep the title alive for many years to come.

With the conclusion of Diablo 4 (will not be spoiled for players who have not played it yet), there is still much to be done in Sanctuary, and this has opened the door for more side stories and expanding narratives to be introduced into the game, moving forward. Discover a wealth of information about VPN technology and its applications by visiting

Keeping in mind that whatever new content coming our way shouldn’t ‘gate keep’ Diablo 4’s canonical story, the developers have decided on adding 3-month Seasons instead, implementing live-service mechanics that are more player-friendly than those attempted for Diablo Immortal wotpost.

Taking cues from the developers’ official blog post published earlier last month, here’s what you can expect from the upcoming quarterly Seasons in Diablo 4:


Upon beating the game for the first time, there are already a number of different things for you to do afterwards.

You can challenge yourself by ramping up the game’s difficulty via changing the World Tier to a higher one, or help other players slay World Bosses for the chance of better loot.

Still, these will eventually become repetitive, and the game needs to spice things up with new additions every now and then.

Hence, Seasons are the next big thing for Diablo 4!

Essentially, Seasons are periodic ‘events’ that changes every quarter, working similarly like those seen in NBA 23.

For Diablo 4, during a particular Season, new quest lines will appear, and exclusive time-limited rewards can be unlocked upon completing various objectives only available throughout that specific period.

Expected to start somewhere around the middle of July next month, the first Season will last for 3 months, after which another Season will commence, replacing the previous one, and so on.


In general, Seasons will introduce a couple of new things into the game, each being:

  •       A distinct quest line related to the respective Season
  •       Unique gameplay mechanic tied to the Season
  •       Updated in-game balances and improvements
  •       Cool cosmetic options and skins
  •       Distinct challenges rewarding wonderful Season-related rewards

Every Season, a special quest line will appear for you to complete, letting you explore branching stories that revolve around both the past and current affairs of those still surviving in Sanctuary.

We’re still a ways off from Season 1, so how creative this new in-game narrative will be from the game’s primary lore is yet to be seen.

However, a key aspect of Seasons is the implementation of a Battle Pass system (also called Season Pass), to which your progress will depend on a new in-game resource, Favour.

How do you gain Favour, you might ask?

Well, you do so by completing objectives laid out by the Season Journey, a guideline that specifies the Seasonal tasks that you need to do while it lasts.

Under a Season Journey, these tasks will be further divided under different Chapters, upon which the completion of a single Chapter provides you with impressive rewards, such as a Season-specific Codex of Power.

Coming back to the Battle Pass, the amount of Favour that you get from completing Season Journey missions will let you redeem invaluable rewards as you progress through the Battle Pass tiers.

Now, this is where the Battle Pass is divided into two (2) elements, which are:

  •       Free Tiers
  •       Premium Tiers

If you’re already content with purchasing Diablo 4, you can continue to redeem the rewards locked behind the Battle Pass’s first twenty-seven (27) tiers for free.

However, rewards beginning from the 28th tier onwards can only be acquired if you paid for the Premium Battle Pass version, to which there are two (2):

  •       Premium Battle Pass
  •       Accelerated Battle Pass

To participate in these two versions of the Battle Pass, both will require you to pay a certain amount of Platinum (premium in-game currency).

The Premium Battle Pass will cost you 1,000 Platinum (around $9.99) to be unlocked, while the Accelerated one requires 2,800 Platinum (around $24.99).

With the Premium Battle Pass redeemed, all the Battle Pass rewards are now unlocked for you to obtain.

In terms of the Accelerated Battle Pass, you will instantly unlock 20 tiers (together with their rewards), added by a special cosmetic set for your character too!

At this moment, these are the most important aspects of a Season that you need to know of, until we can experience it ourselves for the first time next month.

In the meantime, make sure to learn about Integral Story Characters Introduced to enjoy more from Diablo 4 advanture. 

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