We previewed the Diablo IV beta

In this article, no plot content will be revealed but only analyzed aspects of gameplay and game interface, new features introduced and the general impression that the game returns. You will therefore not find images of the beta or other details that could compromise the gaming experience: we care that a lot of work is not wasted on useless spoilers and that every player can fully enjoy the game on first launch.

The beta we tested is a non-definitive version of the title designed specifically for the event and therefore limited in some parts. The gaming experience is therefore to be considered close to the final version but with still room for improvement in terms of hardware optimization. And if you want to enjoy this game better and faster, it is recommended that you buy Diablo 4 Gold beforehand.

In 1996, Diablo lifted the curtain on a gothic and dark fantasy story featuring Tristram and the old cathedral. With the subsequent chapters we continued to explore this universe more and more, through the stories of Prime Evils and angels, of Horadrim and the various heroes and villains of Sanctuary. With Diablo IV, the development team focused like never before on telling a story.

Sanctuary, a land once ravaged by the war between the Heavenly Heavens and the Burning Hells, has once again fallen into darkness. Lilith, daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred, was summoned by a dark ritual after eons of banishment. Now chaos threatens to consume Sanctuary as evil spreads and a new wave of cultists and worshipers welcome Lilith’s arrival.

Back to Sanctuary! (for the fourth time)

How do you approach it three years after the announcement of the Diablo IV beta? Well, there are expectations, I won’t deny it, but after the unfortunate interlude of Diablo Immortal and the incredible announcement of D4 at Blizzcon 2019, a pinch of curiosity remains. Yes it’s true, video leaks have been circulating (some promptly removed) but playing them directly opens up a diverse range of possibilities that a video will never be able to starwikibio produce.

Going back to Sanctuary is beautiful. The air is incredibly cold, because the area we were allowed to see was limited to the Fractured Peaks, so let’s geolocate ourselves first:

A sect of devoted priests has found refuge in the isolation of this snowy and remote mountain range. They seek enlightenment, but are unaware of the horrors that lurk in the network of caves below them.

Shattered Peaks

Clearly this is only one of the five regions available in the game. REGIONS are connected to each other, to allow the continuation of the adventure without loading pauses. Given the impressive size of the game world, mounts were introduced to be able to move more easily but in the beta we were not able to try them (too bad).

The first impression therefore going through the prologue part is the size of the game space. We are facing a truly huge game map, not only in terms of what is on the surface, but also what is underground. In fact, the basements of the Shattering Peaks host dungeons of all sizes and in some cases you will find yourself questioning yourself while dismembering a demon here and a monster there.

In the version we tested, the mounts were not available and this greatly expands the perception of spaces so as to sometimes push us to long journeys without monsters. Clearly with a medium that allows you to shorten distances it will drastically reduce this sensation, but at the same time it has provided us with the possibility of immersing ourselves in the surrounding space and enjoying the graphic aspect of the game: truly impactful.

The initial feeling is just great and longtime players will have the perception that the first three chapters have been taken and pressed together while retaining the juice of each one. The atmosphere of the first Diablo will involve you from the very first steps as you try to defend yourself from wolves and bears that try to ghermirvi the flesh among the cold mountains of the Shattered Peaks, the oppressive sensation of the surrounding landscape will make you feel like the first times you took timid steps out of the Ranger Camp. The graphics are respectable and immediately make you forget the somewhat questionable animations of Diablo 3 in favor of greater truthfulness, thanks above all to the 3D engine capable of flexing its muscles in the most agitated starwikibio situations.

Just to give an example, the Evade key (Evade) which allows the character to perform a disengagement movement has more than one animation depending on the character and the condition you are in, little gems that make the gaming experience enjoyable. The beta we tried had an ever-present watermark that covered the entire game screen throughout the experience so we couldn’t fully enjoy the glance that the game is able to return, despite this we really feel like judging positively the graphics of the game.

Unfortunately the minimum and recommended system requirements were specific to this beta and we can’t share them because they don’t reflect what will be released for the final version of the game; however, consider that a mid-range computer (i5 16Gb of RAM and discrete video card) should be able to run the game, perhaps reducing some graphic aspects in favor of fluidity.

Our advice if you need to buy a computer with the prospect of fully enjoying Diablo IV is to wait for official Blizzard confirmations. And of course, prepare yourself by purchasing Buy diablo 4 gold from Hope this review helps.

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