Most Exciting Baroque Pieces to Listen to!

When anybody talks about the recorder, the first thing that pops up in the mind of anyone is the adorable yet squeaky concerts that used to rule the era of music for a very long period. The current elementary school classes involving a recorder are indeed a rite of passage in the entire country. Still, even in this case, the rite of the passage implies a temporality. 

The very existence of the recorder in the modern classroom results from the more than 700 years old music tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. But the best part is it continued to flourish even during the Baroque periods. 

So, let’s relive the baroque period with this blog post by going through the best Baroque period composers and their impeccable pieces. 

Antonio Vivaldi—Recorder Concerto in C Major, RV 443 

There are maximum chances you didn’t play this in any of your elementary school concerts. Vivaldi has put all his experience, talent, and influence into this concerto composed around 1728. According to most scholars, this concerto was composed for exceptional performance at Venice’s charitable Ospedale Della Pietà.

This was an institution where orphaned girls got an education, and this institution was so famous for its music that people traveled from nearby cities to attend the magical performances. Antonio Vivaldi was one of those Baroque period composers whom people enjoyed listening to. 

Paul Hindemith—Recorder Trio from Plöner Musiktag 

This is one of the oldest pieces of the 20th century from the recorder trio of Plöner Musiktag. This piece was written so that it can be easily performed with students, yet it is wild in its determination to offer a mix of conventional minor and major keys through the wind. 

While the Vivaldi concerto was based on clearly defined keys, Hindemith played freely in an accidental vile, which created an amazing effect through the music. Well, the special piece from Hindemith named Plöner Musiktag shows the passage of the day through music. And the free nature of composition adopted by Hindemith makes him one of the best Baroque period composers.

Luciano Berio—Gesti for Alto Recorder 

The very famous Italian composer Luciano Berio who died in 2003, became highly popular among music lovers for his experimental approach, mainly used in solo instruments. He always used to test the boundaries of the instruments he played and worked on expanding the potential. 

In the case of this composition, he challenged the recorder’s capacity and ability in different ways. If you are in for a famous, soothing, and experimental piece of the recorder, you should listen to Gesti for Alto Recorder without any second thoughts. 

Steven Stucky—Etudes: No. 1, “Scales” 

If you are looking forward to listening to a piece from the 21st century, then be ready for a masterpiece of Steven Stucky named Etudes: No. 1, “Scales” When this great composer was offered to write for this instrument, he first declined the offer as he thought the range of recorder is limited. 

After some time, Stucky attended a concert of the Buffalo Philharmonic, and soon Stucky realized his mistake. He then went on to compose the first piece with a recorder and created history with his work. 

Amidst the vast array of musical instruments, the recorder is still one of the most soothing and pleasing musical instruments most genuine music lovers enjoy. Go through the recorder pieces mentioned in this blog post and enjoy the magic of the recorder.You can subscribe to Interlude HK Ltd if you wish to read more about such masterpieces from the world of music.

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