How to Make a Powerful Path of Exile Two-handed AXE?

Path of Exile 3.14 Ultimatum will be released on April 16, and its expansion is much more significant than expected and bolder. Ultimatum is a Vaal-themed league in Path of Exile, where players can interact with Trial Master. This patch has made many substantial improvements and quality of life adjustments to the previous Path of Exile leagues, making all these games more exciting and valuable than before: All but two have received nerf and some minor modifications to Compensation in one case, only nerfs in the other case. If you have been looking for a way to make the famous ARPG Path of Exile weapons that you should not miss, here are some tips.

Path of Exile is a game that provides a variety of different weapons for you to choose from. Although this is a fantastic feature, it isn’t easy to navigate in some aspects, especially in spending PoE Currency to buy the correct goods to benefit from the best strategy. Therefore, here are some steps that will allow you to manipulate the deadly two-handed AXE.

Buy basic AXE

The first step in this guide is to purchase your two-handed AXE. You need to find an AXE with the highest DPS in the database, so pay close attention to the AXE with the highest statistics. In this case, it is usually the Vaal AXE. Fleshripper is another good choice, but the best option is to keep Vaal AXE for now.

Go to PoE Marketplace and search for Vaal AXE, then enter level 80 in the search criteria. According to your standards, please make sure that what you are looking for is an ancient item and it is not damaged. You may find that you pay a lot of money in PoE currency after completing the research, but it is worth wasting your time and money given the final result.

Upgrade your basic weapons

The next step is to improve the quality of the AXE. You can use perfect fossils to do this. This is important because when the quality of the object is higher, there will be more damage per second. Then, you can improve the project’s quality to improve the quality, which will also help you bind it. Fossils can be expensive, which means that the process can be costly, but you can also be lucky enough to use fossils to reach level 30 quality and become the basis for powerful weapons. Bring the AXE to the craftsman’s bench to add quality to the AXE. You should be able to scroll to the bottom of the list, where you can choose to put 15-18 quality 2M weapons.

Bound AXE

This is where the cost is highest, depending on your RNG (random number generator). If possible, you want a 6-link object, or even a 5-link object if you wish to, so go ahead and start clicking to get the link you want. If you want to, you can also purchase six linked items.

Affixes and beasts

When it comes to PoE spheres, you will need a certain number of conditional spheres for the next step to add magic to your AXE to get the required mod. You can use Undo Orb to get rid of one of the mods, but doing so is risky because you can destroy it and have to restart the process. With this in mind, you can use the Beast footprint to make the project’s footprint, which will allow you to start over without interruption.

Return to PoE Trade and buy Craicic Chimera, which will make you imprint when making animal handicrafts. It can become expensive, but if you save yourself from repeating the process, it’s worth the effort again.

Add mod

As you continue to improve the AXE, you may want to consider adding mods to it. Fortunately, there is no need to worry about RNG in this part. You can access the resources on the PoE exchange site as needed. Clearing the pale court is a great way to get crafting options with multiple mods.

Once you have it, please take it to the PoE production counter and scroll down to select multiple mods. Doing so may cost you a few Exalted, and you can. You can also choose to add other manual options here, so please select the best suit for your product.

This should give you an idea of how to get a mighty two-handed AXE in Path of Exile. It might cost some PoE here and there, but once you use this deadly weapon, it’s worth it. Have you tried to make a 2-handed AXE like this in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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