Tantric massage is quite erotic in a sense as it makes use of neotantric movements to ease and explore sensual spots of the main erogenous areas of the body such as the phallus, the anus, the vagina and the mouth.

This massage incorporates skills from yoga, sexual therapy and bioenergetics, thereby making the receiver feel as relaxed as possible.Tantra massage London is offered by a number of massage parlors.

There are two people involved in a tantric massage; the receiver and the giver. In a tantric massage, feelings of sexual pleasure are not mutual and the giver has to do all the work while the receiver lies down passively.

A tantric massage is quite different from happy ending parlors. Happy endings provide massages with the aim of having sex at the end while a tantric massage focuses on exploring sexual pleasures without even having sex.

How to spice up your sex life

People sometimes consider tantric massage to boost or improve their sex life or find new sexual pleasures they haven’t discovered yet.

You and your partner could visit a tantric massage parlor to explore your sexual adventure or you could practice it at home.

A masseuse might provide better services though due to professional experience and skills.

A tantric massage is given with the aim of getting an orgasm or pleasure, although this might come along as bonus benefits. The massage focuses on building a deeper sexual connection between the receiver and the giver; hence you and your partner will be able to understand each other better.

You and your partner could take one or two nights in a week to explore yourselves without necessarily having sex. You both slowly explore to discover new spots that could bring forth pleasure.

Why is this important?

People might have similar bodies but they do not feel the same way. An individual might have less sensitive nipples but might be sensitive in other areas like the neck or lower abdomen right before the genital region.

Your partner might respond better to fingering than oral sex. The only way to find out is to explore slowly. It is a process that must not be rushed as there are a lot of areas to cover. If the process is rushed, your partner might be tensed up and the effort might be futile.

However, calmly massaging your partner while exploring improves chances of awakening new desires in your partner.

Tips to getting a good tantric massage

  • The atmosphere of the room must suit the mood. Scented candles could be lit to give the room a nice heady feeling. This helps the receiver relax more for the massage session. Music also adds to the atmosphere and can improve relaxation. Music for tantric massage should not be upbeat as the massage is a slow process that takes time, plus it could disrupt the calmness of the receiver. Slow tempo songs or audio recordings soothes the receiver more and heightens the benefits of the massage.
  • The lighting of the room is another vital part. The room must not be too bright that it irritates the receiver and prevents proper relaxation and it must not be too low that the giver can barely see what they’re working with. Low lighting which still offers a range of visibility works best in this setting.
  • The receiver has to be as relaxed as possible in order to make the massage work. If the receiver is on edge and barely relaxing they wouldn’t be able to get any benefit from the massage session.
  • Aromatic oils. Oils are important during a massage. It is a bonus if aromatic oils are used so the receiver relaxes more. Oils make the massage moves smoothly as there is smooth gliding of skin without any sort of friction that might irritate the receiver.

Why get a tantric massage

It is very possible to get bored of your sexual life style and you might need rejuvenation to awaken dead sexual spots or explore new ones.

If you are having sexual problems with your partner, you might consider this massage as well. You will be able to satisfy both and your partner.

An individual who’s gotten a tantric massage feels more active in active on bed and is able to fulfill sexual pleasures and duties in bed. This is because a tantric massage relaxes a person and awakens new sexual desires. In other words, you will be in a better frame of mind to pleasure your partner.

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Attributes of a good masseuse/masseur

  • The individual must be very discreet. A masseuse who is not discreet might hurt the reputation of the client.A tantric massage parlor must have discrete staff.
  • They must be able to put the receiver at ease. The receiver must be able to relax while under their care.
  • They must be able to stick to their jobs without being carried away.


A tantric massage is not a form of sexual exchange, rather it is an exploration of sexual pleasures of the receiver alone. The giver works to discover new erogenous spots on the receiver while the receiver passively receives the massage.

For a successful tantric massage session, the receiver must be in a place of relaxation. The lighting, atmosphere and the oils used during the massage plays a part in achieving this.

A masseuse must be discreet and very professional while carrying out their jobs. There are a number of massage parlors that offer employ discreet and professional staff.

A tantric massage does not only awakens erotic spots or desires in a person but might also be able to ease away the tension of the day/ week. Taking a weekend break at a tantric massage might help ease away the stress of the past well and rejuvenate your body and mind for the next week.

The services of a tantric massage parlor can easily be gotten via their online website. Reservations can be made on the site and you’ll be able to peruse their services as well.

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