Leveraging HealthTap for Health Insurance Providers

HealthTap is a nationwide virtual healthcare provider that gives consumers access to their own long-term primary care doctor via video appointments, text messaging and 24/7 urgent care services. Members have direct access to doctors through video appointments, text messaging and 24/7 urgent care services.

HealthTap’s growth has been exponential in the past year, with 6,000 physicians and 500 healthcare facilities now participating. The company is now in talks with insurance companies, hospitals systems and provider networks about using its operating system and artificial intelligence-based apps.

Streamlined Access to Physicians

Health insurance providers now have the advantage of HealthTap, a nationwide virtual primary care platform that serves tens of millions of consumers online. Here, they can easily connect their members with an on-going doctor of their choice who will manage all their ongoing healthcare requirements.

For just $15 a month, HealthTap subscribers can get unlimited free texting with their doctor and $39 video appointments as well as 24/7 urgent care with the first available clinic doctor. Furthermore, with 90,000 volunteer U.S. doctors across 147 specialties available to answer questions on healthcare matters, members have access to free informational answers from healthcare experts at no charge.

HealthTap is expanding its mission with the launch of its HealthTap Cloud, which offers application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) to developers. These modules enable a range of use cases including telemedicine, care coordination, and patient relationship management.

Enhanced Care Coordination

HealthTap provides 24/7 access to physicians through its app and web-based platform. Members can connect with a doctor via text chat, video call, or face-to-face consultation; additionally, the company accepts most major medical insurance plans.

HealthTap experts provide advice on almost any topic related to general healthcare, using AI-powered symptom checker and library of health questions. This includes treatment plans and prescriptions, lab testing, referral suggestions and more – all at your fingertips!

HealthTap also provides Enhanced Care Management (ECM) services to its members with complex needs. ECM helps coordinate your care from various doctors, specialists, pharmacists, case managers and social services providers into one seamless package.

Personalized Health Information

HealthTap provides personalized health information by offering users doctor ratings, apps for health management and news. The company is supported by Khosla Ventures, Mayfield Fund, Mohr Davidson Ventures and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavours.

According to the Pew Research Centre, over 80 percent of American adults have sought health information online. Unfortunately, very little of this content comes from their personal physicians – something HealthTap hopes to change.

HealthTap’s platform enables patients to connect with doctors around the world via video, voice and text on their mobile devices or personal computers. Members have the option of signing up for a premium subscription that allows them to book unlimited consults for an affordable monthly fee; alternatively, HealthTap Concierge provides lower-cost per-consult options at no additional cost so individuals can consult when needed without paying a recurring fee.

Improved Patient Engagement

HealthTap provides an accessible and convenient way for patients to have one-on-one consultations with physicians. Its network of 90,000 volunteer doctors is accessible via mobile and desktop apps.

The company provides a range of other services, such as AI-powered apps that automatically triage symptoms and offer guidance based on patient characteristics and location. These tools have been utilized by both patients and physicians alike, potentially cutting down on unnecessary hospital visits.


HealthTap not only provides access to doctors, but it also has a user-friendly patient portal with personalized health records and educational content. Recently, the company opened up its cloud system to developers so they can build medical apps on top of its infrastructure.

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