How Healthcare is Boosted by Technology: The Birth of Telehealth

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world and fortunately, we have the technology in place to provide remote healthcare, largely thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions. Using applications such as Skype and Zoom, medical professionals can deliver their services to their patients and the pandemic merely hastened what was going to happen anyway, considering that the first step of moving the medical professionals to the online world was made when they started getting their advanced medical certifications this way.

Eliminating Human Contact

When dealing with a virus that transmits via human interaction, we need to do what we can to eliminate human contact, at least until we have reached herd immunity. In many cases, a doctor is able to carry out an accurate patient diagnosis from having a video consultation and can therefore prescribe the correct medication.

Mental Health Counselling

Mental health counsellors are very busy at the moment, due to the many people who are under severe pressure caused by the pandemic. If you need someone to talk to about your circumstances, a Google search will help you locate a qualified counsellor, who is trained to be a good listener. These services might be free for people with low income and are often government supported. If you visit the site you know lot of news 메이저놀이터

Substance Abuse

Those who are addicted to substances can also receive online therapy from qualified counsellors and for some people, a daily chat is enough to keep them away from drugs. Some support groups run video meetings that allow users to share their experiences and this is a vital service for many drug users as it gives them additional moral support.

State of the Art Medical Equipment

Using a leading UK white glove logistics company, Rhenus High Tech, healthcare logistics can be carried out by certified professionals, who transport and install MRI and CT scanners, along with other high tech medical equipment. Artificial intelligence is already being used to diagnose cancer using chest X-Rays and after a training period, the AI outperforms any human.

Robotics Surgery

Merging with AI, the latest generation of surgery robots carry out extremely precise brain surgery and this equipment is gradually becoming available across the world. This is just one area that technology is helping the medical sector and that means life expectancy will be extended. Click here for more information about state-of-the-art digital devices.


All physios are now offering their services in a virtual environment, which is great for both parties and enables the medical practitioner to deliver their services to online patients. This service is used by athletes who wish to recover from injury or are looking for higher fitness levels and if you have a nagging physical injury, search online for a physio that offers online consultations.

The rollout of 5G and the Internet of Things will provide a platform that will take us to the next level of digital development.

The future of the medical and health sector looks rosy and will include telehealth care solutions, and as we move out of the Covid-19 pandemic, we can all look forward to returning to some kind of normality. Visit this site

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