Everything You Need to Know About Juice Fasting

Our body absorbs an excess of unhealthy substances every day; think of tobacco, coffee, alcohol, fast food, polluted air, heavy metals, pesticides, and food additives. So juice cleansing provides you a window to expel the toxins and restore them to equilibrium.

Dutch juice cleanse services are now providing cleansing juices on your doorstep to make it easy for you to unburden your body. These juices flush out all harmful substances from your fat cells through urination and sweating.

Is juice cleansing beneficial for me?

Yes, it is generally a beneficial regimen. Since you are only drinking vegetable juice for a minimum of 72 hours, your body gets some rest and time to clean itself. Moreover, the liver, kidneys, and intestines work more actively and effectively.

In addition, Dutch juice cleanse companies make various vegetable juices, concentrated detox shots, and vegetable soups. You can choose from them according to your needs.

A juice cleanse helps in:

  1. Strengthening your body’s natural defense system
  2. Improving sleep.
  3. Eating patterns and weight loss.
  4. Improving metabolism and the peristalsis of intestines.
  5. Improving blood circulation.
  6. Cell renewal.

How often can I do juice cleansing?

There is no restriction on how often you can cleanse. Some people cleanse every month, those who cleanse every four months, and those who cleanse twice every year. However, make sure to cleanse once every six months. You can make vegetable juice at home or order it online.

Does juice cleansing have any side effects?

Juice cleanse has different effects on different people. The effect it has on your body depends on your eating habits, routine, and other factors. For instance, smokers, alcoholics, caffeine addicts, people on heavy medication are more likely to experience aggravated side effects rather than people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, if you prepare properly, you can avoid the worst of these negative effects. But if you don’t follow the proper rules, you might experience side effects for the first two days. But even then, they will dissipate after 48 hours. The reason behind it is that your body is trying to get rid of toxins and is low on carbohydrates and proteins.


A juice cleanse can help you lose weight and improve your body’s natural metabolism. A complete liquid diet helps your body get rid of all harmful substances from your body.

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