Not everyone can be a parent through natural procedures. Surrogacy is a procedure that can happen instead of the natural process.

Surrogacy is a well-known process for those who somehow do not manage to be a parent. However, there are so many problems that not everyone can be a parent, such as health issues or other issues.In this article, you’ll know everything about the leihmutterschaft of feskov clinic in Ukraine.

Surrogacy in Ukraine:

Earlier surrogacy wasn’t allowed in Ukraine, but since 1997 the government has allowed this process. Also, the surrogacy process is brilliantly run by the fiascos clinic in Ukraine. It does support all the functions that can happen in this process.

Fesko’s clinic is the most reliable clinic for surrogacy among all the clinics in Ukraine. Many people have taken their surrogacy services, and they all are happy parents now.

Surrogacy services of fiascos:

Fesko’s clinic is the best well-known clinic for surrogacy. Most people choose feskos over hundreds of clinics to be parents via surrogacy. Also, the Feskov clinic always provides surrogate mothers with all their health responsibilities.

They provide surrogates after completing the proper check-up of them. Also do all the tests that are required before the process. They ensure that the surrogate mother is ready to deliver a healthy baby. After confirming the surrogate mother’s health, they allow starting the process.

Consequences of surrogacy:

Before the surrogacy process, Feskov clinic provided the legal papers that mentioned everything regarding their services.The least times, surrogacy doesn’t go well due to some reasons soIn case of any consequences, feskos clinic follows the deal they made before the process.

Surrogacy in Spain:

Surrogacy in Spain isn’t legal yet. However, if any other woman data to help someone become a parent, she can do it herself. Read more about leihmutterschaft spanien. But obviously, they charged for the process as the woman will carry someone else’s child for nine months.They decide the charges and everything before the surrogacy process.

Pay for clinic:

Clinics have nothing to do in Spain regarding surrogacy. So it always has between two parties. Also, it’s the parent’s responsibility to take care of the surrogate mother.

They are the ones who have to take care of surrogate mothers in all aspects, from taking care of her food to taking her to the clinic and paying all the expenses of clinics.


As surrogacy is the most sensitive process, you better go where you can get the best surrogacy services. No doubt surrogacy of Feskov clinic in Ukraine is one of the best options.

Additionally, if you look at their previous surrogacy cases, they are the best clinic yet. Additionally, if anything happens before delivering a child, it’s not your responsibility. Not you have to repay them for another process.

Also, surrogacy in Spain isn’t that simple as it is not allowed in SPAIN. So you would have to go for any random woman who will help you in this matter.     

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