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Best Ways to Keep Your Home Safe with American Home Shield warranty

The policies a person signs up for in his life are many, like health insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance, etc. People also look for warranties while buying things, which usually provide six months to few years.

But when it comes to home appliances and systems, a few years is not the normal usage. Any breaking and malfunctioning after the warranty period becomes expensive to repair and can cost almost as much as a new one is available in the market.

Now the need for the home warranty comes in, and if you look up for American home shield reviews, you will understand why you should sign up with American Home Shield.

Contractors and companies mostly render home appliances services to individuals and other businesses.

As the U.S household appliance market revenue surges every year, the need for home warranty services is going up. Founded in 1971, the Tennessee-based home warranty company now has customers across 49 states.

American Home Shield (AHS) offers nationwide service and has a customizable home warranty option as per your choice. They have an estimated appliance coverage of $ 3,000 and system coverage of around $1,500. And via a complaint resolution program, they make sure to resolve every problem faced by the customer.

There are three ways you can keep your home safe with an American Home Shield warranty

1. Choose an appropriate plan for your home

Decide which plan you need to pick from the following three:

System plan- This plan will cover around 11 systems and 10 appliances in your house.

Appliances plan- It covers 10 appliances essential for running your house smoothly.

Combo plan- It will cover over 11 systems and 10 appliances in your home.

AHS add-on coverage- The electronic extended warranty, water pumps, septic pumps, pools and spas, guest unit, and HVAC tune-ups are available in this package.

2. Claims and customer service of American home shield

Through the website or phone number of American home shield, customers can file claims.

After you request a service through the helpline number for the website, a contractor will be assigned to visit you at the earliest possible time and view your complaint and assist for further process.

Check for the realtors with an AHS warranty.

The warranty plans for the realtors also protect the homeowners from unexpected damages and accidents. One should always look for the realtors who have signed up for the services of AHS.

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The following are the home warranty plans for real estate agents:

Shield essential: It covers the warranty for the appliances and systems that are expensive and replaced if broken.

Shield plus: components and parts of home systems and appliances.

Shield complete: this plan covers all the items coming under the first and the second plan and a few other related things.

Whether you are an individual home buyer or a realtor is looking for a new home for staying or for business purposes, it is imperative to take service from a contractor or a private firm for repairs and maintenance.

And if you look at the American home shield reviews by customers, there will be no second thoughts for choosing the service provider for your home appliances and systems.

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