8 Mistakes That Could Nullify Car Insurance in Dubai

Car insurance in Dubai or motor insurance is a third party organization in Dubai that aims at mitigating losses related to vehicles. This insurance is usually renewed annually. In Dubai you can insure your car against theft, accidents, fire among other risks.  As a rule of thumb every vehicle on the road must be insured.

It’s an acute disappointment to have your insurance invalidated since it means double loss. In order to avoid this, I have prepared a guide listing 8 common mistakes which you can ignore and ensure security of your car insurance.

Your Dishonesty

To be sincerely speaking, almost every human has some degree of dishonesty however we should try to limit it. Though tempting, probably because one wants to lower the annual premium, it is as risky as losing doubly.

Again, one may be tempted to lie in case of an emergency. That is, suppose that your car is insured about theft and it is set ablaze. Trying to lie that it was stolen yet it was set ablaze can nullify your car insurance in Dubai.

Communication Factor

Insurance terms and conditions and policies, as well as the customers keep on changing in order to cope up with the environment. If one party fails to be updated on the other party’s policies, then a problem can arise whose climax can lead to nullification of your car insurance.

As a customer of a car insurance in Dubai, you should make sure that you are updated with regular company policy updates. You should update them immediately in case of any policy change.

Example, if you vacate to a new town, you have to update your insurance company since it means your travelling miles have changed and hence address.

Ghost Insurance

The world of the internet is full of malicious activities carried out by fraudsters. Many of these people keep on advertising insurance offers online. Before you fall in one of them, make sure that you know their office physically. Most are scammers and they disappear like ghosts once they get your money.

To get genuine car insurance in Dubai visit their offices physically and get along with all their linked contact sites, i.e. official website, contacts and email. Never entertain any conversation with a middle man lest you fall in their wicked flirts.

Violation of list of Drivers

It’s very common to give your friends a ride in your car. Moreover, they can drive you while in your car. Probably you’re not aware that authorizing another driver who is not in the driving policy list is as risky as losing everything.

Car insurance companies in Dubai do not invalidate insurance if the person involved in the accident is not in the list of insurance policies. Car insurance in Dubai covers only drivers listed in their list, who have driving licenses.

Not Driving Responsibly

Over speeding your car is not a traffic rules violation but also a major source of insurance invalidation. Driving while drunk will not only be risky to one’s life but also another enemy to your insurance policy.

Always be looking after your car condition, handbrakes and side mirrors if you want to have a long-lasting fellowship with car insurance in Dubai related companies. Click here sr22 insurance nevada to know important things about car insurance. 

Piling up Accidents

How can accidents nullify your car insurance when already you had it insured against accidents? Yes, it is possible but only after piling up several accidents without letting the insurance company know.

A small concussion can violate your insurance if it goes unknown by the car insurance in Dubai.

Location Violation

Car insurance companies in Dubai tend to be strict in terms of driving locations. Car insurance in Dubai Company will not consider compensating you if your passenger vehicle was involved in an accident in sports or spinning games.

If you have ensured your car in the city, the insurance company will not cover you if it happens in countryside

Change of Job

Humanity struggles day to day to put up with life challenges. Hence change in career and livelihood is the new normal. Therefore, once you change your job, then update the insurance company you are dealing with, else invalidate your insurance.

Job title and salary is part and parcel of factors that determine insurance terms and policies. Car insurance in Dubai companies can invalidate you if you fail to keep them up to date with your current status.


The list is long; however, the above are the major mistakes that cause invalidation of car insurance (company) in Dubai.  Being through with the company can avoid these risks. Keeping you updated and being aware of scammers is of added benefit. Responsible driving is another key to avoid this invalidation. To wind up, notifying the company on job change late can automatically nullify your insurance company.

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