4 ways holistic approaches can be helpful in recovering from drug abuse

Overcoming addiction can be a drastic change and have immense impact over an individual as it can save life. It’s essential to choose the right approach toward recovery and towards a happy life post treatment.  When choosing a detox for drugs program there are various factors to consider for each individual as each patient and situation differs from the other. It’s crucial to realize addictions are not only about physical dependency but also about emotional and psychological factors. For most patients, holistic treatment methods prove to be extremely beneficial when dealing with addiction rehabilitation. Learn about holistic approaches that can be implied by doctors to recover patients from substance intake disorder. In conclusion, holistic methods can help save your or a family member’s life. 

What Is meant by Holistic treatment?

Holistic treatment typically involves a mind-and-body focused treatment to recover patients. It includes an individual who is suffering from drug intake disorder to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally. Holistic treatment can also integrate both conventional and alternative therapies to assist with detox from drugs. Holistic approaches can be described as a wide range of techniques, some substantially more proven than others. A holistic approach of addiction treatment can involve comprehensive selection of medical, emotional, physical and other treatment therapies. Holistic methods of treatment can be different for each and due to its unique ability to be customized according to each patient’s need makes it tremendously important. 

What are the common holistic treatments?

Holistic treatment can involve several medicines, therapies and activities precisely focused on different aspects of spiritual, emotional and physical health. Some of these alternative treatments can show significant positive impact upon patients. In addition to traditional medical support, a holistic treatment includes some of the following practices to ensure the maximum benefit for the patient:

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Yoga
  • Art and musical therapies
  • Exercise
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Meditation

These factors combined and individually can be prescribed to a patient along with medication to aid with withdrawal and to help recover faster.

4 Ways how Holistic Approaches Can Help Treat drug abuse

Holistic treatments are gaining popularity and are acquired by rehabilitation centers to help detox from drugs. These particular treatments can have many health benefits and promote long-lasting recovery to patients suffering from drug intake disorder. Following are some of the ways through which holistic approaches can help treat substance abuse:

  • Promoting Individualized Care
  • Strengthening Mind and Body of Patients
  • Empowering the Patient
  • Assist Patients with Self Insight

Research upon the combination of holistic methods and traditional techniques is still inconclusive. However, when holistic techniques are combined with conventional treatments, Patients often have higher overall satisfaction and quick recovery. As a result, It’s tremendously beneficial to combine holistic practices with conventional techniques such as medically assisted detox and residential recovery programs to obtain optimal results.

How can holistic and conventional treatments help in recovering from substance abuse 

Every patient is different from others and may find varying levels of success with holistic approaches. As complete recovery depends upon various factors such as the amount of drug intake, time period of drug abuse, type of drugs, potency of drugs, way of drug intake, body weight, mental and physiological health. Doctors can prescribe medications after examining the patient and can speculate the holistic technique a patient needs to take for a proper detox for drugs. An individual may find art and musical therapies impactful, while for some patients meditation can work wonders. Similarly, some individuals may find Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) helpful to aid with the trauma. Each patient can be prescribed a customized action plan to treat substance abuse. Experience of holistic and conventional treatments can be unique and specific for you. It’s crucial to seek treatment that recognizes your individuality and uses different techniques to ensure maximum benefit for you. 

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