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In the recent years, the importance of moving and transferring money from one location to another become more clear and bold in global community especially in the difficult times like pandemic of Covid-19. Thanks to daily updates in the sphere of technology, currently we are facing many platforms that are providing users with the money transfer and payments services in online format. In this short article, we decided to write about WorldFirst as one of the successful online platforms in the area and know about its services for businesses.

Business with WorldFirst 

As mentioned above, WorldFirst is an online platform that gives users the ability to move their money from one country to another. With this platform, customers can open a free local account, totally in an online format and start to make a foreign exchange transactions in 68 different available currencies in WorldFirst. Users can convert their funds anytime and at any rates that are suitable for them. Also they can make multiple payments just from one account, can manage and control their account and all transactions in one place.Industries will be able to send so many payments in one time and by one account, to save more time and money. Also with a WorldFirst platform, customers can always track their money and be notified about the arrival of their transactions. Should be noted that in this platform, there are no extra or hidden fees; users will be able to see all necessary fees before making any payments and activities. WorldFirst, with making available all opportunities in global markets, will try to help businesses to grow up and improve in their sphere of activities.

WorldFirst Marketplaces 

One of the most significant services that WorldFirst is providing for its users and for companies around the world, is to link them to the global marketplaces that will allow them to grow and improve simpler than before. This platform is helping the online sellers to step in the global community and make their business internationally, have a possibility to work with more than 60 online marketplace around the world with their multi currency account. Worthy to mention that among partners of WorldFirst we can mention Amazon, ebay, AliExpress etc. Also for more ease of customers, WorldFirst is allowing users to generate an account verification letter directly from their account in some minutes; so in this case customers do not need to worry about the marketplace requirements. With this platform, businesses will be able to do business like a local with an international account. Should be noted that linking the WorldFirst account and marketplace account is allowing users to save their funds easier, use a local currency account and access their money faster and easier than before.


Definitely in this difficult time, the activities and availability of the WorldFirst platform can be a good chance for many companies and businesses around the world that want to improve and step into the international marketplace especially in these circumstances.

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