With more keywords for YouTube, get your career escalated!

YouTube is well-known for exploring all kinds of videos and is the second largest search engine globally, with active users over two billion in a month! Isn’t that incredible? No matter whatever industry you choose, making video content is a great expansion to reach potential customers.

However, YouTube has its SEO which the user needs to adapt to make their content visible. Apart from getting your keywords for YouTube videos optimized, it is crucial to take advantage of channel keywords to have more people subscribe to your channel and get more views. These keywords are attached on the top of the search results and are way different from tags and video keywords.

These channel keywords are terms or captions which represent your content or channel. You can make use of keywords in the channel tag or channel description. These are specific to your channel and help you give an insight into your content and what niche you’re working on.

Usage of keywords

There are many places where the keywords for YouTube are highlighted, such as:

  • One or three keywords can be taught in your video titles and can go up to 60 characters in length.
  • As you are allowed around 800 words for the description of your video, you can add tags and keywords how many ever you want.
  • Even the section of ‘’about’’ contains keywords.
  • Add channel tags that can go up to 75 characters in length for better results.

Addition of keywords

Keywords for YouTube can be added to a few places, but you need to apply strategies as to where they perfectly fit and how they can bring more traffic to your channel.

1. Focus on video title: this is important as the first thing noticed by a viewer is the title. This could draw the user to view your video. You can make your titles more composed and concise. Always keep in mind to have a similar keyword and title people are searching for. The title should justify the content of the video. With a title limit of 100, 60 is the best for the search results.

2. Addition of keywords to description: In the ‘about’ section, a summary of your content can increase traffic and rank higher in the search results. This section allows you to learn more about your viewer. A description focused on engagement can turn a visitor into a subscriber of the channel. Add the keywords for YouTube SEO and see that it runs smoothly.

3. Allocate channel tags: using tags for your YouTube channel increases the rank and your performance. But too many characters like 200 make a huge confusion out there and don’t benefit. It always suggested sticking to 15 keywords for the YouTube channel or 100-150 length of characters. The way to add tags is pretty simple, just go to the settings on the left-hand side, click ‘channel’ and ‘basic info.’ This place is for you to mention keywords in a particular field.

Keyword optimization and SEO

The help of the Keyword tool helps you to find keywords that people are often searching for over the website. For the use of keywords for YouTube for video SEO, this tool is amazing to fit in. The ranking of YouTube videos takes multiple turns for a query search. For this reason, the presence of keywords in titles and descriptions is very essential. This will focus entirely on who to target and the purpose of your content. This tool will help you gain keywords that fit the best for your video and description. By providing the right information, you will direct Google to find potential subscribers to your channel.


The importance of keywords for YouTube is a very important part similar to planning keywords for SEO. With the right word, you the right audience, a decent number of views with more impressions, and more interaction with people. With this, those visitors turn into subscribers. With optimization of video listing, they could show up on the top in your search results. And this, in turn, would lead to more profits and views. The keywords are a crucial part, and they affect how popular your channel could get, how much money you would make, so your strategy should be revolving around this.

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