Widest Selection of Casino Games Online

The unforeseen restrictions brought to us in the year 2020 made us turn to other outlets that bring fun and enjoyable pastimes. The number of players that enjoy casino games grew massively in the last year, which of course brought lots of updates in that field by many online bookmakers. 

One of those websites, Bet365, which doesn’t need any special introduction, is no exception. In addition to being ‘world’s favourite online bookmaker’, Bet365 offers so much more in terms of casino games, slot machines and in-live casino play. 

Bet365 in short

Before we brush up on the latest improvements that Bet365 introduces, let’s take a look at the well established reputation of their existence. 

Bet365 was put on the map in the year 2000, and only 4 years later they went completely online. In 2004 Bet365 co-owner, Peter Coates, sold all 59 of their land based shops with an intention to become an exclusively online bookmaker. 

That was a huge risk that brought amazing results right away. 

Denise Coates, Peter’s daughter, was the main initiator of this endeavour and right from the beginning she made it clear that the players desires were the most important. 

Just to name a few distinctive differences that separated them from the competition, after launching the website, Bet365 immediately offered all the sports events that were played in the whole world. In comparison, other online bookmakers were struggling with bet offers that were more local. In addition, players that joined Bet365 could also place bets on minor league football matches which attracted the truest of fans located in the smaller areas.

For more information on Bet365, please follow the link: where you can find all the information on their trustworthiness and loyalty Bet365 has shown to their fans. 

Impressive Casino Games Selection

Casino games are definitely no exception and in this case we can add that Bet365 offers so much more than just games. 

Partnered with Microgaming and Playtech, the biggest software providers on the market, Bet365 offers the widest selection of casino games online. All the games are available for instant play and have downloadable versions. 

Other than providing fun and games, the software behind them is very reliable and safe, which lets you load the games quickly without any delays. 

Casino games are also available on their mobile version and the mobile app so you can play them on the go as well. 

The web platform offers a full range of casino games, online slots, Arcade games, Video Poker, Live Dealer Games and a great selection of Table and Card games. 

Other than traditional casino games, players of Table and Card games can find a stunning range of Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat games. 

Same goes for Poker players. Bet365 Poker platform presents the best Poker options, where massive bonuses up to 1000 pounds are given to the new players upon registration.

Video Slots, Arcade Games and so much more

Slot machine games provided by Bet365 are definitely worth mentioning, not just for the amazing selection, but also for significant payouts players can achieve. The jackpot for the Slot’s quickly increases as you play, making average payout amounts up to $1.9 million per winning player. 

The most prefered online casino games on Bet365 are one-armed bandit, Gold Rally, Iron Man III and Gladiator. 

Online casino games players are provided with excellent graphics and themes which makes playing all the more interesting. If you opt in to play roulette, you’ll have a feeling you’re in a real casino, due to the attention to detail in sounds and graphics. 

Arcade Games lovers will have no problem in choosing the game for themselves, due to the extended range of arcade games that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Disco Keno, Cash Blox, Virtual Dogs, Espresso, Lucky gems are just some of the games to keep you occupied. 

Scratchcard players are also taken care of, having to choose from Man, Spamalot, Thor, Keno, Fantastic Four and so much more. 

Live In-PLay Dealer Games

To reap the benefits of live in-play gambling, you don’t need to register or open an account. Players interested in this type of games can choose from Asian Live Dealer and European Live Dealer. 

The waiting periods to be seated at a certain table are not long either. 

Asian Live Dealer offers Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo. 

European Live Dealer is somewhat extended, offering VIP Roulette, Roulette Pro, Casino Hold’em, Unlimited Blackjack and Standard one as well as many others.

Just to clear the differences between Standard and Unlimited Blackjack, with the Unlimited one, no matter how many players are seated at the table, players can have up to 5 cards.  

Bet365 has one of the quickest and most responsive customer service in the field, where diligent employees provide feedback within minutes and in 17 different languages. 

Money transfers are safe and fast, and the mobile application can be downloaded to any portable device, no matter the operating system. 

It’s safe to say that Bet365 enjoys the reputation of one of the best in the field for a good reason. With over 6 million devoted players proving each day that they are worth giving them a chance. 

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