Why use a proxy for Instagram

Do you have multiple Instagram accounts? Instagram is struggling with multi-accounts to avoid blocking – use a proxy. You can buy them, for example, at

How proxy works

The principle of a proxy is simple. The technology works according to the following algorithm:

  1. The user sends a request to a specific site, but instead the information goes to the proxy server;
  2. The proxy redirects the request to the site on its own behalf;
  3. The sought resource believes that the request is originally sent by the proxy, therefore it gives it the answer that suits its IP; 0
  4. The proxy receives the response, forwards it to the end user.

Thus, you can change your geographic location, IP, if necessary, other information. Make sure you use the safe services like thepirateproxybay.

Why is it needed

In addition to working with Instagram, proxies can be useful in other areas, for example, to gain access to blocked resources. This can be bypassing the IP ban on a forum or other service, or visiting an online cinema. An alternative option is to visit a torrent tracker, which turned out to be blocked on the territory of a particular state.

Thus, the user gets access to exactly the information that he needs. The technology is completely safe, and the user can independently choose the country in which the proxy will be located.

Fears of loss of connection speed are in vain. With the current quality of the Internet connection, almost the same speed with a proxy is expected as without using anonymization technology. A modern connection can correctly stream 4K video through a proxy without losing quality.


Proxy is an anonymization technology that can be used at home. The anonymization method is suitable for gaining access to the forum on which the user was banned, or for using on the Instagram social network.

If more serious anonymity is required, it is recommended to use other means. Among the most popular are the specialized TOR browser. In this case, the connection speed may drop slightly.

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