Why Does My Prescription Have A Brand On It?

In case you are using contact lenses you might have noticed that prescriptions for your eyes are little different from the conventional ones. Different symbols and acronyms remains present which are most of the time difficult to be decoded. At the same time, some specific brand names can be identified. You might have wondered of this facts that why brand names are mentioned in your prescriptions. Here some reasons are given which may answer to this query.

Brand specific prescriptions

Prescriptions for Acuvue TruEye Contact Lenses are different from other usual prescriptions to which we generally come across. Conventionally, doctor prescribes generic names of the required medicines and sends you to the pharmacy. A professional working there decides which drug will you intake according to the given instructions. It also depends on the availability of medicines in that store. Things are different when you visit a doctor for lenses. Here the doctor does not allow the pharmacist to decide the brand specification but he himself provides the perfect choice for you. While the medical examinations the doctor decides which brand will be the most effective for your eyes. Accordingly, he prescribes one in the prescription rather than providing the generic names.

All brands are not equal

You may think all different brands of contact lenses are similar and provide same kind of products and you should have been free to choose any one of them. Actually, different brands have differing product specifications and they are not actually similar to one another. While taking a decision about your perfect lens, doctor determines base curve and diameter of your eye. As per the identified measurement most effective brand specification is suggested to that it can perfectly fit to your eyeballs. In case there is any kind of imperfection in this match you will find some discomfort and the problem will continue to occur until and unless you shift to a proper match.

A few tips to help you

After being aware of these issues you might be thinking that these prescriptions are a lot more complicated that the usual ones. Here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Next time when you are finding for Lens Online make sure that you consult a professional in this particular field.
  • Determining a perfect brand without medical check up is next to impossible.
  • Once you have consulted a physician, you can find the perfect products for you just by uploading the prescription to the online portals. So, you can understand that making a choice about lens is not that simple as it appears to be.

Next time when you are about to use a new brand makes sure that you are going through this specified steps rather than just choosing a brand of your own.

People who complain of having major issues with their lenses are reluctant of these facts and they often end up by choosing a less competent brand. Choosing the perfect pair for your eyes is very easy and also useful in the long run.

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