Why do Makeup Artists Need Insurance? 

It’s easy to think that a makeup artist insurance is an unnecessary expense. That’s because you might not have experienced a claim yet! It’s wise to get the peace of mind and cover your back by getting insurance. 

Makeup artists don’t actually have a property to insure, or at least not a lot. But it’s normal to think that even they might be at risk. So, why do makeup artists need insurance? What covers do they get?

Working in the world of beauty means a lot of hard work, and clients to serve. So, it’s always a good idea to buy insurance so you’re always covered. Makeup insurance is beneficial for professional makeup artists, which will be the subject for this article.

Property insurance

If you own a beauty salon and you’re responsible for it, obviously, you need insurance coverage. The property insurance will cover any loss that might occur due to theft or accidental damage. However, a lot of makeup artists should still consider getting makeup artist insurance, even if they don’t own a salon. Makeup products generally are very expensive, and it can be difficult to replace. Making sure that you are covered means that you’ll prevent any potential loss, and be back on track, while not losing your bookings. 

Makeup artist liability insurance

Anyone who runs a beauty salon must have liability insurance. This will cover claims that might be made against you by your employees or other clients who might get injured on your property. All makeup artists must have liability insurance. Rather than pay for claims due to something you might have done, this type of insurance covers your claims arising due to products you’ve sold, etc. 

It is important to have liability insurance because claims can cost a fortune. If serious injuries are involved, the compensation costs can go up from $10,000 to $250,000. 

What happens if you don’t get insurance?

A career in makeup can be very rewarding, and most of the time, nothing can be bad. But all jobs have their risks, and things might not always go as planned. Finding yourself sued or having to pay for a stolen makeup kit which can cost incredibly lots of money, is best to know that you have insurance and get back on track as soon as possible. 

Lack of insurance could lead to financial burdens and legal difficulties. It is not expensive to get a makeup artist insurance policy, as a quick internet search will help you get an idea of how much money to pay for insurance. 

There isn’t a legal penalty if you don’t get makeup artist insurance, it’s up to you. But you might regret it later if something doesn’t go according to the plan, and you get sued. Legal costs can destroy your savings. So, please get yourself a makeup artist insurance cover to protect your business, income, and reputation. It is just a simple part of being a makeup artist! 

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