Why are Lakhmir Singh solutions beneficial for students?

Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur’s textbook is updated with the complete course syllabus for students to score higher marks for the exams. These books help in other higher academic opportunities as well. The chapters are illustrated in a straightforward manner to understand the concepts without any difficulties easily. Interestingly each example is provided under every topic for a better understanding of the concept.

After each chapter, concept related questions are given to the students for answering only after making the topic thoroughly. Lakhmir Singh solutions comprise all short and long answer questions, including multiple-choice questions. The solutions for class 10 biology contain six chapters with a variety of questions to solve.

Class 10 biology chapters


Chapter 1 Life Processes
Chapter 2 Control and Coordination
Chapter 3 How do Organisms Reproduce
Chapter 4 Heredity and Evolution
Chapter 5 Our Environment
Chapter 6 Management of Natural Resources

Chapter 1 – Life Processes

This chapter deals with the processes that are going throughout our life. A living organism undergoes many life activities like respiration, reproduction, digestion etc. These processes are explained in a very simple language.

Chapter 2 – Control and Coordination

The topic is entirely related to human body locomotion and movement. The body’s central nervous system does the control and coordination all the organs of an organism. There are a lot of questions provided with diagrams for easy understanding.

Chapter 3 – How do Organisms Reproduce

As the chapter name suggests, the chapter is all about reproduction and its types. A detailed explanation of the types of reproduction is carried out by the chapter with suitable examples. The fertilisation process, menstrual cycle in females are also explained in this lesson. This chapter is illustrated with diagrams without missing any points.

Chapter 4 –  Heredity and Evolution

The idea of the evolution of organisms is clearly explained in this chapter. Heredity is nothing but the characters of an organism is passed on from one generation to another. Mendel’s law of heredity has been explained in a very lucid manner.

Chapter 5 – Our Environment

Our environment comprises many things. This lesson gives a detailed explanation of our environment and the hazards causing the environment. Controlling and prevention methods of these hazards are also discussed in this chapter. Many questions in the long and short type are provided for this chapter.

Chapter 6 – Management of Natural Resources

This chapter explains the management of natural resources for the sustaining of life. Natural resources are those resources that we cannot get back or gain. To prevent these resources from polluting is our duty. The chapter deals with those concepts for the students to get aware of these issues. Apart from these, students can refer to the BYJU’S site for further references. Even though Lakhmir Singh solutions for class 10 biology concepts are elaborated thoroughly, students may have some doubts regarding any topics. This can be cleared by referring to the online classes provided by BYJU’s, and you can ask doubts to the experts.

Benefits of Lakhmir Singh Solutions

  • Solutions are very beneficial for the everyday revision for students who are preparing for exams.
  • All the concepts are explained in simple language with diagrams for the easiness of understanding the concepts clearly.
  • Questions are provided in patterns like short, long and multiple-choice questions. Students will get an idea of writing answers based on the marks.
  • All the chapters are divided clearly and concisely.

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