Who is liable for credit card fraud?

Extra tip: The card limit of the credit card limits you when making purchases, but it is also a protection against misuse. If you rarely use your card, you can reduce your credit limit. Should fraudsters get hold of the data, there is only limited damage they can do. CVV shop could be reliable and easy way to get CVV code in case of loss or card stolen. CVV dumps, raw information that can be gathered from through these CVV shops can be a major threat to security of credit cards.

Carefully check your credit card statement

Even if you haven’t lost your credit card or have not given it away, you should look carefully at every credit card statement. Check as soon as possible that you have actually made all the bookings yourself and report any irregularities to your bank immediately. This is especially true if you have been traveling and paid with your credit card or withdrawn money abroad, for example. Do not just pay attention to large amounts: Often small amounts are debited first to check whether the bank and cardholder notice anything. In addition, fraudsters try – in order not to attract attention – to imitate the behavior of the bank customer.

If you suspect you have the card blocked immediately

If you suspect fraud or lose it, you should have your credit card blocked immediately – this will prevent fraudsters from causing even more damage. If you do not do this, you are acting with gross negligence and the bank can be held liable for the damage.

According to the law, the customer has to pay for damages of up to 150 euros . Many institutions will cover these costs if you report the loss of your credit card or attempted fraud immediately. You are liable if you act with fraudulent intent or with gross negligence, e.g. keep your CVV together with the payment card or pass on your CVV to another person. After you have informed the bank of the damage or blocked your credit card, the bank is generally liable. On the website of the police, you can download an emergency Infopass. Make a note of the numbers of your payment cards and always keep the passport separate from your credit card. In an emergency, you will have your credit card number to recover it.

The CVV, CVC or security code of a card

They are 3 digits that are assigned to your card, so that your online purchases are more secure. Normally these digits were exclusive for credit cards, but so do debit cards. These numbers are now dynamic, that is, they change every time you use them and you can only see them from these websites and mobile apps.

What is the CVV of my debit and credit cards used for?

To buy in applications of music, movies, transport or any online store, you can associate your card so that it is used every time you make purchases or use it only once.

Don’t worry, with the new dynamic CVV you only have to enter the code the first time you register your payment.

Payments can be made with the funds of your debit card, the amount of your credit card or checking account.

Online shopping

What if I already have my card associated with businesses such as transportation or entertainment.

Do not worry; this will not affect the agreements that you already had associated with your cards. You should use a new code only for new purchases or registrations.

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