Where to Find High Quality Lash Serum in Canada?

Looking for the best lash serums in Canada? We are ready to help you and tell you how to choose high quality products for lash extensions and lash lift.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Lash Serum?

Lash serum is a product used for softening and nourishing of eyelashes, as well as to make application or lash lift procedure more comfortable for your clients.

Choosing this product always pay attention to:

  • Composition

It must be safe, hypoallergenic and made of clinically tested high quality ingredients.

  • Has all required quality certificates

This way you can be sure that you use good products made in accordance with all standards and regulations.

  • Expiration date

Never use expired products: instead of a positive effect they can cause redness, itching or even allergies!

  • Reviews

Read the reviews of other lashmakers about the chosen product.

For example, most top lashmakers prefer to buy lash serums in Canada at the

Here you will find a wide selection of original products, which regularly receives many positive reviews from consumers!

What Is the Best Eyelash Serum in Canada?

LashStorePro is the official distributor of the Italian InLei brand and Australian company Elleebana, the world leading serum manufacturers. Besides, Adoreyes products that are manufactured in Canada can be found on the company’s website.

  • With InLei you can moisturize and nourish your eyelashes, and also give them an extra shine.
  • Adoreyes products stimulate growth and regenerate eyelashes, as well as prevent premature breakage. The cumulative effect lasts even after you stop using the product.
  • Elleebana stimulates eyelash growth and makes them healthier. It also helps to prolong the effect of a lash lift.

LashStorePro offers quality products that have proven to be effective!

Try these serums, and your clients’ eyelashes will retain a beautiful curl after lash lift and become healthier, longer and thicker!

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