When Chile defeated England at Wembley… twice

The English national football team has played most of its home matches at the old and new Wembley stadiums. Fans of the Three Lions can visit – one of the best bookmakers offers wagering opportunities on all its matches.

In general, Wembley has been a fortress for the English squad. However, there is a team that has always beaten England on their home soil. We are not talking about a powerhouse like Germany, Brazil or Argentina. Instead, we are talking about Chile.

The Chilean team defeated England at Wembley not once but twice. This achievement was done in both the old and new Wembley stadiums. Currently, one of the best bookmakers in the market is 1xBet, and it offers betting chances on all the matches of Chile and England.

The first match

First of all, we need to go back to the 2nd of February 1998. England and Chile were going to meet at the old Wembley Stadium. Both squads were getting prepared for their participation in the 1998 FIFA World Cup. The website permits its users to wager and enjoy extra features on all the matches of these incredible championships.

The English players that featured in that match were quite good. Some names included:

  • Teddy Sheringham;
  • Michael Owen;
  • and Alan Shearer.

However, to everybody’s shock, Chile defeated the English team 2-0. Both goals were scored by Chilean legend Marcelo Salas. In fact, many consider the first goal as the best goal ever scored at the old Wembley.

In this particular goal, Chilean playmaker José Luis Sierra made a perfect long pass to Salas from more than 50 meters. The striker receives the ball with his chest. He doesn’t allow the ball to touch the ground. After a perfect control, he hit the ball with his left foot, defeating English keeper Nigel Martyn. The 1xBet website offers chances to wager on all international friendlies.

The second occasion

15 years later, both teams faced each other on the 15th of November 2013. This time, the venue was the new Wembley. The English squad, which is available at to wager, had players like Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney or Jordan Henderson.

As people say, history repeats itself. Chile again won 2-0, after two goals from none other than Alexis Sánchez. It is curious to see how on the first match, the master was the star of the show, while on the second, it was the time for the apprentice to shine. This is because Sánchez has always stated that Marcelo Salas was his childhood idol, and that his dream was to be as good as him. The 1xBet website offers wagering opportunities for all the matches played by the Chilean national football squad. Read more about liangzhongmiye.

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