What To Know Before Moving to Cape Coral, Florida

Cost of living is vitally important when considering moving to a place and often, Florida gets a bad reputation for high living expenses. Where this notion can be true in certain areas, there are also smaller towns throughout the state that maintain a lower cost of living. Among these is Cape Coral, FL and if you are considering moving to this city of just over 60,000 full time residents, here are some other things you might want to know.

The 1 in 5 Rule

Make no mistake about it, Florida is one of the top vacation destination states in their entire country and for good reason. Vacationers venture to Florida for endless sunny days and a subtropical climate where enjoying the ocean throughout the year is possible. Others in Florida may only stay in the state for a portion of the year, primarily during the off season winter months. They are called Snow Birds and everywhere in Florida has them in some capacity, but in Cape Coral, FL, Snow Birds are even more prevalent. It is currently estimated that at least 1 in 5 people you meet will be a Snow Bird, so do not be surprised if friends you make leave once the weather heats up.

Cape Harbour

Yes, we do realize that harbor is not spelled with a U in the states, but Cape Harbour is a little different and yes, the UK spelling is correct in this instance. Cape Harbour is not just an amazing place to watch boats come in and out of the bay, it is a place to shop, meet with friends, and enjoy an array of unique shops and classic Florida homes to explore. Cape Harbour always has something new to see and do. This part of the city will definitely become one of your favorite places.

A World Away, but Close to Fun

Living in Cape Coral, FL is a unique experience. The city remains among the classic old school Florida communities and therefore, it attracts its fair share of retirees and those looking for a slower paced lifestyle. However, one of the more unique aspects about Cape Coral, FL is the fact that you are never too far away from the action when you want to be. Florida’s famed theme parks and resorts are a mere 3 hours away, so when you feel like taking a weekend away, you are close to the action without paying higher prices to be there.

Fun Things in Town

You do not have to venture to other cities to enjoy yourself when you live in Cape Coral. Fun is actually right in your own back yard with a variety of activities perfect for a day of family fun. Try venturing to the 14 acre water park or to the Imaginarium for a little learning adventure. Additionally, throughout the year, Four Freedoms Park plays host to many events such as outdoor concerts, family carnivals, and much, much more.

Get a Storage Unit While Moving

With all of the enjoyment you will soon be having in Cape Coral, you might forget about the fact that you still have to move to this place. While moving, you will have to have a place to organize your little used items and storage units in Cape Coral are perfect for it. Having an available storage unit will help you keep your new home clutter free and if your belongings are too much for your square footage, there is no need to contend with lack of available storage space when you have your own storage unit. Storage units are essential for homeowners and renters in Florida as there are no basements and limited attic space in most homes.

Sunny Days to Savor

Often in sub tropical climates like Cape Coral, FL, storms can pop up at any time and ruin your beach day. In this part of the state, there are some storms that pop up on occasion, but primarily you will enjoy endless sunny days throughout the year. In fact, Cape Coral, FL boasts an average of 265 sunny days each year. With an average summer temperature of 90 and a winter low of just 50 degrees, you can enjoy the great outdoors all year long in this illustrious city.

Bird Watching Can Be a Unique Experience

Every area tends to have one or two unique species to their area and Cape Coral, FL is certainly no exception. Owls are majestic creatures that are often too illusive to enjoy. However, when you live in Cape Coral, FL, you will have the opportunity to see one of the smallest species of owls in the world. Burrowing Owls are found throughout Cape Coral, FL and they are carefully maintained by local animal organizations. Thus far, Cape Coral, FL boasts around 1,000 pairs of these birds, so while living here, you will likely see many, but remember, look but do not touch. They are protected and highly valued in this part of Florida.

Cape Coral is Compared to Venice

Few places seem to hold the allure of Venice, Italy, but Cape Coral, FL is said to come remarkably close. Due to the many canals throughout Cape Coral and the classically styled homes, the coast remains similar to Venice, so while living in this part of the world, you can have a little piece of Italy in your own back yard. Additionally, residents of Cape Coral tend to own boats, so investing in one is in your best interest. A boating adventure is never far away no matter where you live in the city. The various canals winding through the city lead straight to the coast, so you do not even have to trailer your boat to enjoy it.

Make the move to Cape Coral, FL today and enjoy the city’s many benefits. Cape Coral, FL is a beautifully managed town with a lot to offer. Being a coastal city, you are never far away from a place to enjoy the sun. You are going to love it.

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