Car accidents are not in your hands, and you cannot do anything with a car accident, but your insurance company can surely repay the amount for your accident and your vehicle if you own insurance for both of them, respectively. There is a maximum number of people in Florida who own insurance for health and vehicles, and it is to be used when needed, but these insurance companies do not easily get convinced about the claim, and most of the time, they give excuses or other reasons for not paying the claim. There are many  Clearwater Car Accident Attorneys who can help you get your claim for your health, so you get the complete claim for the accident and the car. Insurance companies have their lawyers for their cases, making you lose the accident claim, so it is better to hire a car accident attorney for your case.

There are times when you meet an accident, and you use words that lead to no claim for the accident. It would help if you had a guide for learning what not to say to your insurance company after an accident. Following are the tips you need to learn before taking them to your insurance company:

1. Don’t admit your fault

Do not admit your mistake at any cost, explain the incident, and not give your opinion about the accident. It will let them know about your mistake, and you may lose the claim for the accident.

2. Don’t say you are not injured.

Don’t tell your insurance company that you are not injured if you do not see any on your body. At times there are injuries within the muscles, and they show up later in your body. Any Clearwater Car Accident Attorneys can help you with unseen injuries and their claims easily.

3. Don’t provide any recorded statements.

You must not give any recorded statement about the accident that you think you will have to change later by any chance. It is even better to talk to your attorney before giving such a statement not to lose the case.

4. Don’t settle for any amount before communicating with your attorney.

Make sure to consult your attorney before reaching any settling amount of insurance. Your car accident attorney can serve you with a good amount or may even provide you the complete claim for the accident and your car.

5. Stick to the facts

If you do not know the answer to any of the questions, you should not answer it or give any opinion or put down the estimation. Just stick to the fact that if you know it clearly or say you do not know and stick to it, you do not have to change it.

6. Do not approve any medical records.

Do not sign any release permitting an insurance adjuster to have access to your medical records. The insurance company might want to look into your past medical files for denying your claim based on pre-existing health conditions.

You need to contact an attorney who can help you with such a case as soon as you meet the accident to discuss the case and claim well with your advocate.

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