What is crash roulette in CS:GO?

With the rapid development of technology and the advent of the Internet in a person’s life, more and more people began to get involved in computer games. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the most popular shooter in the world. The main essence of the game is based on the division into two teams: one of them is played by terrorists, and the second by special forces who are fighting them. At each stage, players have a specific mission, after which they receive special prizes (experience, skins and cases). Skins are just special game modes, which don’t bring physical changes into the game, but bring visual ones, decorating the process.

As you know crash roulette is a game mode in which a player has enough time to press the «Stop» button and exit the game before the schedule crashes and he loses. A user makes a bet in the form of skins. The longer a player stays alive in the game, the higher the win rate.

How to get skins for free?

The game was released 10 years ago, so during this time there have been many ways to get skins. Here are the common ones:

  • level up due to achievements in the game (some levels are more difficult than others, so random items are given as a gift for completing them);
  • a friend’s help (this method isn’t the most useful, because not every friend is ready to give expensive gifts);
  • raffles (the platform has lots of fans all over the world, so a player can find many groups with frequent raffles on social media, where the chance to win something valuable is high).

In general, getting free skins is often time-consuming.

How to get paid skins?

If a person plans to play CS:GO for a long time and wants to add all modifications to the game to improve the process and graphics, there are quick paid ways to get skins. The most popular types of them are described below:

  • buying them on the Steam trading platform for donations;
  • playing on roulette sites (the user sends skins to these sites, and the system randomly selects a winner who takes all the placed bets);
  • opening cases in the official CS GO site (there’s an opportunity to buy a key for a certain amount. It will open a random skin. The probability of payback is small, but still there);
  • opening cases on other platforms (the same cases can be opened on third-party sites that are not related to CS:GO and Steam. The choice is wide, but the payback is much lower than the official website provides).

In crash roulette, bets are placed only on increasing the graphic. Unlike double-roulettes, the winnings aren’t limited only to doubling or multiplying the bet.

How to play crash roulette and win?

To increase the chances of winning good cases, players need:

  1. Not to bet on all the game money.
  2. Be careful and attentive so as not to miss the best offers.
  3. Examine the site carefully. It’s better to track several rounds of crash roulette to understand its principle.
  4. Not to try to cheat roulette using incomprehensible methods from the Internet.

CS:GO platform offers its players high chances to increase their budget: this can only be done with a right approach to the game.

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