What is a recruitment software? And how do recruiters benefit from using it?

Recruitment is all about finding the right kind of people. And proactive recruiters depend on their recruitment software system to achieve this. It is only with the right kind of recruitment CRM that finding the right candidates becomes easy and recruiters become more efficient.

Used by talent acquisition professionals, recruiting software is designed to help streamline the workflow as well as automate the most repetitive and time-consuming activities.

The recruiting workflow includes all the different tasks –

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Picking most suitable applicants
  • Screening the shortlist
  • Skills testing candidates
  • Interviewing candidates

Recruiters who work closely with recruitment software discover that efficiency, effectiveness and productivity are easily attainable. Recruitment agency software that is easy to use helps make all the above functions simple and straightforward. This has a direct impact on a recruiter’s effectiveness and productivity.

Recruitment CRM features and how recruiters benefit from using the software

The biggest advantage that recruitment agencies and their recruiters get from using CRM software is being able to swiftly source and place the best candidates. Talent sourcing is key to a successful placement. And the software has a big role in ensuring that recruitment goes well.

  • Cloud-based software

Using cloud-based recruitment software means having the advantage of saving data in the cloud. More importantly, this points to recruiters being able to continue their work from anywhere. They are not tied to their office desk. They can access all their important data from home or when they are commuting. It also encourages teams working from different locations to work effectively. Team collaboration gets a boost when communication and access to data are easy and prompt.

  • Software integrations

Recruitment tools involve different types of software. There is skills testing software that helps sift through numerous applications to find the most talented candidates. Video interview software facilitates recruiters to conduct interviews remotely as effortlessly as possible. Electronic signature software is extremely valuable as it ensures paperless workflow, easier tracking and is very easy to use. A good recruitment software integrates seamlessly with all the important recruiting tools.

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  • Social media recruiting

Active candidates are quick to find and send in applications when they find a job advert they like. This makes a recruiter’s job easier. But it doesn’t mean that all the applications are suitable. Hence, recruiters will have to carry on talent sourcing. Social media recruiting is often the first point for recruiters to begin seeking candidates. LinkedIn has millions of users. It is a great place to find passive candidates who match the employer eligibility but might not be actively seeking new opportunities. Recruitment software suppliers offer users the opportunity to easily collect information from social media sites. This data is directly saved on the CRM platform which is useful when recruiters are assessing candidate data.

  • Generating reports

With recruitment CRM software, it is much more convenient to assess data and generate detailed reports. Whether it is a report on successful monthly placements or a list of skilled candidates or a candidate management report, using CRM software makes this a more manageable task. This enables recruiters to focus less on these administrative tasks and more on actual people recruiting and networking.

  • Easy compliance checks

Compliance checks are of paramount importance in recruiting. From the right-to-work documents checks to the GDPR and IR35 compliance checks, recruiters need to take these seriously. There are heavy fines involved for those who fail to provide proof that all compliance regulations have been met. But since these legal guidelines can be considerably complicated, recruitment CRM offers recruiters assistance when they are managing comprehensive compliance checks.

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