What is a Network Engineer? Work of a Network Engineer


There is hardly any doubt about companies or organisations maintaining a network related to their organisation. In fact, every organisation is doing so. In today’s world every such organisation is having a computer network to meet the very purpose of communication. Now, to handle this, the company or the organisation requires a Network Engineer. In this article, we are going to learn about the Network Engineer in detail.

Who is a network engineer?

To, define in simple terms, a Network Engineer is a technical person who sets up, develops a computer network for an organisation. He is also liable for maintaining it in a better manner.

The field of work of a network engineer
The Network Engineer is an aid to almost all related to the company or organisation which may include all the staff, client, customers and suppliers. Following are the works of a Network Engineer:

1.His job is to resolve all the technical problems that is related to the network.
2. He is also engaged to design a new network for the company.
3. He should work in order to enhance the availability of network infrastructure to pave way for better efficiency or performance for the user, client, customers and suppliers.
4. He is to find all the complications in the local and wide-area environment in order to solve them accordingly.
5. He is to supervise the network performance by enhancing the network optimisation.
6. He is required to retain the security of a network.
7. He always takes measures to upgrade the network with the latest grade of security system.
8. He is also involved in configuring the routing and switching devices.
9. He works in order to check the network downtime, so that he could maintain the network speed by solving the complications.
10.  The network engineer often has conversations with the customers in order to address their troubles and requirements.
11. One of the important works of the network engineer is to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability for the users and organisation.

Types of the network a network engineer handle

1. LAN-Local Area Network

This type of network is ideal for home, office, small buildings, etc., that too for a small area.
In this network, there is only one computer that will be the server and will share data with other computers.

2. WAN-Wide Area Network

this type of network is ideal for national and international purposes. This network can be availed in order to communicate with other networks which are situated at very long-distance. The Internet, can be an ideal example.

3. WLAN-Wireless Local Area Network

this type of network is also for small area which can be operated in wireless devices like a sensor, actuator, etc. Take the instance, if a door that opens and closes automatically with the help of a sensor.

4. PAN-Personal Area Network

this type of network is a very personal level network whose main job is to communicate with personal devices. A wireless and wired medium can be used for communication in this type of network. Small file or data are usually transmitted in this network.

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A career in network engineer

In order to build a career in network engineering, one can avail any of the following certifications:

1.CCIE (Cisco)
2.CCNP certification Or CCNP training (Cisco)
3.Network+ (Comitial)
4.SolarWinds Certified Professional
5.WCNA (Wire shark)

One of these certifications is a must in order to become a network professional, and the best part of these certifications being all these are applicable all over the globe. So, far as India is concerned, the average salary of a CompTIA Network plus training Professional is around ₹313,880/-, which is also a very good amount. But the salary may also vary with company, type of job, location etc. But with passage of time, skills and experience, the level of salary will also increase.


After all these discussions, we can in a nutshell, say that a Network Engineer is one who handles the network of a company or organisation for the purpose of conversation. He has a very important role, which is gaining popularity too, for the progress of company or organisation. Also, the salary attracts many people to this interesting profession.  

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