Want to Know Cat Essentials Needed for Feline Dental Care? Read on to Get Started!

Before starting with a home dental care regimen for your fur baby, it is best to take your vet’s advice. First, book an appointment with the vet for an initial dental examination. Your pet pal may need a thorough cleaning of teeth and gum lines by a professional so you can carry it on from there at home. In addition, pet parents need to know about the most common feline dental risks, the cat dental products to be used, and the procedure to brush your cat’s teeth.

Equip yourself with information regarding feline dental care and diseases so that you can take preventive measures. Despite extra attention on your fur baby, if she still develops any oral or dental condition then you may have to take her to the vet to seek medical guidance. Having cheap pet insurance helps you claim the vet visit, medicines, diagnosis and treatment costs in no time. A suitable cat insurance policy covers your furball for dental complaints and so much more. Check the offerings and cost of the pet insurance before buying a policy.

What are the cat supplies needed to care for your pet cat’s teeth?


A range of feline toothbrushes are available in the market; still, you need to look for that perfect brush that suits your kitty. Pick the one with small, soft, and angled head bristles. Also, some toothbrushes fit right over your finger. These brushes may provide you with great control, yet their soft latex bristles may be mechanically less efficient in removing the tartar formed on your kitty’s teeth. Your vet recommendation may come to help in deciding which brush to select, eventually.


We advise you strictly about not using toothpaste made for humans to clean your kitty’s teeth. The fluoride content and powerful odour of human toothpaste are harmful to your feline fur baby, especially if she swallows it.

Also, the xylitol constituent present in it is toxic for dogs, but researchers haven’t proven the toxicity of xylitol in cats. Still, it is best to keep toothpaste made for human use away from pet companions.

Toothpaste made for cats is relatively safe. So, even if your kitty swallows some, there is little to worry about. The best part is these products are made in various feline-friendly flavours like fish, tuna, chicken, etc. In addition, a few of these products have enzymatic agents as constituents that help break down the tartar formed on the feline tooth surfaces.

Dental treats

While these aren’t mandatory cat essentials for brushing, they can inhibit the tartar formation rate on your fur baby’s teeth. So make the best use of these products to reward your kitty. They also greatly help with regular feline dental hygiene. To know the best treats that suit your kitty, take your vet’s suggestion.

We appreciate your care and concern for your munchkin. However, there are times when she may suffer from dental complaints like infections or abscesses due to chewing plastics, electric cables, complex substances, or even trauma you may fail to notice in the beginning stage.

You may be anxious about providing your kitty with quality dental care at economical costs. Cheap pet insurance that has dental cover rightly serves both your purposes. Cat insurance can keep your kitty covered for vet visits, medicines, diagnosis, and treatment of feline dental diseases and, meanwhile, reduces your financial burden too!

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