Versions of Baccarat in online casino

Another popular strategy that is guaranteed to be worth knowing and trying is the Paroli strategy. Again, this is a simple strategy that can be quickly understood and tested in practice. This strategy is especially popular among players who want to minimize losses and are content to walk away from the table in the black, even though it is not an extremely high payout. In the Paroli strategy, the player doubles the bet three times in a row after each win. To give you an idea, our player bet €10 on the first game. If he loses, he bets €10 again in the next game. If he wins, he bets twice that bet, and he does this three times in a row. At this point, the player has 70 euros.

In Chemin de Fer, there is always one player at the table who seems to hold the pot. This player determines the amount he is willing to risk, and all other players at the table play with this amount. This version differs from Punto Banco in that it offers more choices and is therefore less dependent on chance. If the players have a total of 5 for the first two cards, they can decide whether or not they want a third card. They should make this decision based on the probabilities in the current situation.

So again, this is a version of the game that does not rely on randomly assigned cards. The game has a slightly slower pace due to the two tables. In case you come across a version of Baccarat that is called Super Pan 9, be very careful. This version is diametrically opposed to all the ones we have presented in this text. Super Pan 9 is not played with 6 or 8 decks of cards, as is the case with other versions of Baccarat.

Super Pan 9 is played with only one deck of 36 cards, ranging in value from 6 to Ace. Another big difference is that at the beginning of the game all players receive not 2 but 3 cards. Furthermore, they are free to decide if they want to allocate more cards.

The last popular version of Baccarat that you can also come across in many  online casino is Baccarat with three cards. This version has become very popular especially in Asia. The winner is the one who has the most picture cards in their hand. If the number of face cards is the same for both the player and the banker, the values are added together as in the classic version of Baccarat. Again, this is a very different version of the game, so beware, especially if you register with an Asian casino that accepts players from India.

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