Using Audio Visual Rentals for Marketing And Events

The global Audio Visual ( AV) market is set to expand significantly in the next decade, reaching well over $250 billion in 2030. The sector comprises a large chunk of the global leisure and entertainment market and is predicted to be one of the largest markets for computer equipment and services in the world. The demand for audio visual equipment and services is growing at a rapid pace and there is a steep increase in the size of the market in developed countries like US and UK. AV rentals make up a major part of the market and play a major role in its expansion as well.

Customized Event Production

One of the latest forms of AV equipment rentals is in the form of a Big Movie Experience (MFE) – a customized event production which can be made up and delivered on location or on demand. A number of companies are providing AV rental services across the Globe. They have branches in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom and in Gulf countries. The event production comprises of large-scale theatrical productions, video shoots, video art presentations, interactive exhibits and live events. The rentals include the complete equipment and installation required for the production.

Trade shows and Public Events

The audio visual rental services in Canada include corporate events such as trade shows and conventions, special public events, and grand opening events. They also provide camera and sound equipment rentals, editing services, lighting assistance, and editing services for one way event productions. In addition, they provide locations for video shoots and rehearsals. They also provide a large variety of systems and components, which can be customized according to the client’s specifications.

In many instances, the one world rental in Canada also deal with outsource projects in UK and the Singapore. One way that the companies in Canada have tried to cope with the increased demand is by establishing in-house studios. Several of the companies now rent cameras and audio visual equipment in-house. This helps to provide clients with consistent quality and a consistent level of service.


Online Support

The companies also provide clients with online spreadsheets, which are extremely useful. These spreadsheets provide the clients with information regarding their in-house stock, their in-house order status and location. By providing online store spreadsheets, the clients are able to manage multiple orders at one place and view the information in one place. They can check on availability and transfer orders, etc. They can even keep track of their entire stock, what each item is costing them and where they need to order more.

Another way the Audio Visual Rental Company in Canada are helping their clients is by setting up an interactive website, which is specifically meant for their clients. Some of the companies allow their clients to send them clips of their event production and other live events. Through this website, the clients get to see what kind of results they can expect from their rental agents.

Get Better Organized

By providing spreadsheets, the Audio Visual Rental Companies are also helping themselves by allowing their clients to get better organized. With these spreadsheets, clients are able to keep track of their entire inventory, their orders and location and how many of each product they have left. This will allow them to make informed decisions on their next move, as well as keeping track of what items they might need for future events. These tools are an incredibly valuable asset to the rental agents. In order to be successful, the companies must maximize the resources they have available and the best way to do that is to be organized.


Audio Visual Rental Companies in Canada are an exciting and yet challenging industry. It is still relatively new for these businesses to open up in a big way. The key is to make sure that everyone understands the value of the business, which starts with the customers.

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