Understanding Diesel Water Pumps and their Prices in Kenya

Long before technology was familiar to the humans in the earth, people used very hard techniques to deliver water to their homes. Regarding that the water sources were located quite far from homes, the only way for them to take water to their homes was either by use of animals or carry the water by them, using cans or pots. The methods used were found to be cumbersome and necessitated the invention of newer better methods. That is when the idea of pumps came in.

Pumps started from the simplest to the complex ones that are used today. With the help of water pumps, water could now be moved from one point to another within a very short period of time.

However, the pumps need energy for them to work effectively. Recently, pumps have been made to work under provision of energy from different sources, these might include: manpower (man is responsible to put little effort on the pump for it to pump water), electricity and fuels such as diesel. Electricity pumps are regarded the as the fastest and safest way to pump water. In the text we are going to talk about the different diesel water pumps that are specifically in Kenya, their features and functions and their prices.

Types of Diesel Water Pumps in Kenya

Diesel water pumps can be categorized in to two groups; the high pressure diesel water pumps and the low pressure diesel water pumps.

High Pressure Diesel Water Pumps (14HP)

These are mainly used to pump water for long distances or pump water up a steep ground about 50 meters above. There can therefore be used to power very large sprinklers for an irrigation scheme. They have a diameter of 3 inches which allows them to pump water with high pressure. Below are Diesel water pump prices in Kenya.

Stallion Model-the pump has a rate of flow of 39 cubic liters per hour and a head of 75M. Its cost is Kshs 70,000.

Power Italia-it is a 14HP diesel water pump with a rate of flow of 39 cubic liters per hour and a 95M head. It is worth Kshs 80,000.

Carltons UK- just like the others, it is a 14HP pump with a 3 inch outlet but, its flow rate is 45 cubic liters per hour having a head of 85M.

High Pressure Water Diesel Pumps (16HP)

The features are same except that the hose power in this is greater by two. The main objective is to pump water to higher grounds too but the results are quite effective than the previous 14HP diesel pumps. There are of different types however:

The Power Italia-it is made up of 4 inch outlet and outlet and its rate of flow is 120l3/hr., having a head of 55M. It costs Kshs 95,000 and a 16HP.

Lifan Model-it is a 16HP pump with a 3 inch outlet and inlet having a rate of flow of 41l3/hr. and a head of 84M. It is worth Kshs 85,000.

Low Pressure Diesel Water Pumps

In places where the terrain is level, no much pressure is needed to pump water from one place to another. Therefore, the low pressure diesel pumps are opted. They have an outlet and an inlet of diameter 3 inch which results to a flow rate of 30 cubic liters per hour and a head of 28M. It has a hose power of 5.2HP and is used for the small sprinklers in a small farm or in drip irrigation. The pump costs Kshs 45,000.


Type of water pump to use greatly depends on the topography of the land or the size of farm.

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