Types of Diamond Cuts You Should Know

There are many types of diamond cuts, with each cut achieving a different effect. The most popular cut is the round brilliant, which is considered the most desirable by consumers. It emphasizes the clarity and sparkle of the stone. Other popular cuts include princess, oval, pear, and trillion. The following are some of the most common: – Asscher (also known as the step cut) – A combination of the emerald and princess cuts, the asscher cuts emphasize brilliance and color, making them ideal for diamonds with higher clarity grades.

Gorgeous cut

As far as the shape of the diamond is concerned, there are three main categories. The first is the brilliant cut, which is simply a rough diamond polished into a diamond. The second category is the step cut, which has a square or rectangular shape. The third category is the emerald cut, which is a rectangular shape with parallel facets. A fourth category is the heart cut. These are the most expensive cuts, but the prices vary greatly.

The last two types are the pear and oval cut. The two shapes are similar, but they differ in their appearance and how they are cut. The classic round cut is an example of a brilliant cut. Its facets are arranged to maximize brilliance, making it one of the most popular choices for diamond jewellery. A fourth category is the pear and oval cuts. There are many other types of diamond cuts.

Cut points

The fifth category is the point cut. It is the most common diamond shape. The point cut is the oldest, dating back to the mid-1300s. As far as elongated shapes go, the emerald, pear, and marquise cuts are the largest when set in a ring. Moreover, the cushion and emerald cuts have the highest face-up surface area.

The step cut is the most common type of diamond cuts. These diamonds are shallower and have rectangular facets. They are often shallow and maximize the carat size, and retain the bulk of their original weight. Various fancy shapes of the step cut are available in the market today. For example, the Emerald cut is more popular than the Asscher cut, which is the most expensive diamond shape. Its emerald-shaped version has a very narrow band and a broader base.


The rectangle is the most traditional diamond cut. It has 14 facets. It is a small, thin, and inexpensive cut. It is used for delicate jewellery. The trillion is a unique type of heart-shaped diamond. It has between 44 and 50 facets. A trillion is a perfect combination of the ideal and the square. Its shape makes it incredibly sparkly and sparkles. These are the most popular types of diamonds.

The pear cut is another popular diamond cut. Like the round, it has a pointed end. It is an excellent choice for rings and other items with long fingers. Its elongated shape and pointed end make it ideal for a wide variety of shapes. A pear cut can create unique jewellery pieces. It can also produce a slim effect on the fingers. And the shape of a pear is not identical to any other diamond.


A pear-shaped diamond is the most popular cut among all types of diamonds. Its shape is reminiscent of a pear, and is therefore known as the ‘pear’ cut. It is elongated, with pointed ends. This cut creates a slimmer effect on the finger. A pear-shaped diamond is usually a bit less expensive than a round-shaped diamond. The two are not the same.

The princess cut is the second most popular diamond cut. Its rectangular or square shape is ideal for wedding bands. A princess cut is a bit more expensive than a round-shaped diamond, but it is still a very good option for engagement rings. This shape also allows for a wide-facet ratio, which makes it ideal for a wedding band. Its 57-facet ratio makes it the best choice for engagement rings.

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