Treat Vaginal Dryness with a Laser Treatment

About 1 out of 3 women suffer from vaginal dryness during menopause. These signs include mostly vaginal pain, itching, and/or burning. Complications like discomfort and light bleeding can occur during and after intercourse. Because of the decreased health of the tissues, bacterial and yeast infections are more likely to develop. These infections can be stopped growing by getting laser gynecology treatments Toronto.

However, before going to the treatment you must know the causes behind this dryness. Vaginal dryness is caused by a variety of factors; the hormone estrogen is the main function of the vagina.  The levels of estrogen regulate vaginal tissue lubrication and differ over the monthly menstrual cycle. In the days immediately before and after menstrual bleeding, the blood levels are lowest. When the hormone levels of estrogen are abnormally low by menstrual or menopause timing, vaginal dryness can cause an inconvenience. This experience is unlikely for women who take oral contraceptive medicine.

Vaginal dryness also occurs due to non-hormonal causes. The use of some soaps, lotions, fragrances, and showers may induce vaginal dryness as its normal chemical equilibrium of the vaginal canal is disrupted. Any anti-histamine medicines for allergy, common cold, and asthma are systemically drying and can decrease vaginal lubricants overall. The condition can also be affected by antidepressants. Some women are highly anxious and/or stressed, which adversely affects their sexual activity and contributes to vaginal dryness. This can, unfortunately, lead to a vicious cycle in which vaginal dryness reduces libido more, resulting in increased dryness.


Based on the factors involved, different types of treatment are used to relieve vaginal dryness and its effects. A popular medicine is topical estrogen which may ease symptoms if the root cause is lowered estrogen. Items that do not change the chemical equilibrium, structure, and/or pH of the vaginal canal are frequently recommended.

Non-operative laser therapies can restore moisture and mucosal health. Fotona’s IntimaLase laser softly activates the development of collagen and elastin formation to strengthen vaginal walls and renewed moisture can also be noticed shortly after treatment. Fotona’s laser therapy also has a better advantage for vaginal rejuvenation and is worked out over weeks and months following quick simple sessions to restore the vaginal tissue function.

If you suffer from any inconvenience caused by vaginal dryness, it’s vital to talk to a doctor to find out about safe and successful treatment options. We will be pleased to arrange your private medical appointment

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