Traditional Pochampally checks silk saree collection at the Chennai Silks

In the South Indian regions, pochampally sarees are very popular and are well-known for their elegance and the vibrant yet confident look that exudes from them. The saree originates in the state of Telangana, in a district known as Nalgonda. Commonly also referred to as the Pochampally Ikat, the geometric patterns on these sarees are quite the eye-catchers.

You can spot a pochampally saree by the ‘chowkra’ patterns, which resemble waves with diffused edges and more. One of the biggest reasons it has become so popular is owing to the feeling or look of power that emits from these sarees.

Motifs and Colors

Traditional Pochampally silks only had geometric patterns like checks, squares, diamonds, and more, on them. These sarees add a more powerful look to the saree. South Indian weddings are very commonly filled with women wearing powerful, traditional Pochampally checked silks.

Today, the variety differs hugely and is very diverse. You will observe modern, intricately designed motifs into weavings of flowers, circles, paisleys, leaves, and more. Their mesmerizing details give a very elegant and graceful touch to the sarees.

Variety of Options

Pochampally saree designs are very distinct from ikat in many aspects. The complex details and designs that would be featured on the saree are initially dyed onto its warp and weft threads, after which the weaving process begins.

This unconventional dyeing method is what brings the beauty and aesthetics of the Pochampally saree. Especially for women looking for traditional wedding sarees, one can never go wrong with these designs.

The saree is made from a material known as sico, which is a unique cotton-silk blend and is only used to make this saree. Women from across the country and even globally have been attracted to this saree because of its diverse history and intricately alluring patterns.

Many stores are slowly bringing in massive varieties and options into their stores as the demand for Pochampally sarees skyrockets. The latest designs feature a bold mix of beautiful colors and generous yet spaced-out geometric patterns.

The color palette includes combinations of balanced, bold colors like yellow+black+white, green+pink, yellow+pink+black, and others that seem shocking but end up harmoniously bringing the best out of each other.

The combination of black and white is one of the rudimentary Pochampally designs. These colors are used to weave patterns of checks, stripes, triangles, and more. The design heavy variants include zari that is extensively woven into the pallu of the saree.

The designer sarees are popular with women outside as well, as it caters to the modern style palette while staying true to its basic roots. Women looking for modern yet culturally rich sarees seem to always go for this fusion variant of the Pochampally sarees.

The saree is found in colors that are light, and more on the pastel side as well. This version is light on the patterns and restricts design solely to the pallu and borders of the saree. The use of zari is also considerably lighter but brings out a different kind of gentle elegance.

Modern patterns are also much more liberal on the prints, trying to broaden the geometric shapes that can be used. Traditional Pochampally silk sarees are considered to be one of the most beautiful and exuberant sarees in South India.

The ability of this saree to merge traditional and modern aspects so beautifully also makes it an ideal saree for weddings! So go out and find your own Pochampally saree today!

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