Toshiba Middle East Print Solutions Encouraging Sustainability

The Workplace Solutions Business Division at Toshiba Gulf manages Toshiba office printing & workflow solutions in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey

The Toshiba group’s main pledge is “Committed to people, Committed to the future.” This positioning statement expresses the group’s unwavering commitment to contribute to the development of society through its business undertakings, and aims to develop a sustainable society for all.

The Workplace Solutions Business Division at Toshiba Gulf is dedicated to delivering solutions that encourage sustainability and a greener planet for all is at the core of its printing, print management, and workflow solutions, ultimately enhancing productivity in organizational structures across the regions.

Toshiba Gulf is grounded in this promise, and focuses on the issues that society faces including resource depletion, climate change and energy shortages. In order to tackle these intense challenges and societal issues, Toshiba considers its impact on society over the long-term as opposed to simply chasing short-term profits.

The Toshiba group promise and statement expressed the organization’s dedication to helping develop society through its business deadlines. Since the inception of the organization, the purpose has been to combine the power of invention to aid in a better world and tackle complex social issues.

Toshiba’s Environmental Future Vision 2050

  • Response to Climate Change:

Toshiba aims to achieve carbon neutrality through the entire value chain by 2050. The goal is to reduce GHG emissions by up to 70% by 2030. Specific initiatives have been put in place to achieve this including investing in energy-saving technologies and introducing renewable energy equipment, suspending the receipt of new orders of coal-fired power plant work and leveraging the organization’s own technology in order to create services and products that contribute to GHG reductions across the globe. 

  • Response to the Circular Economy: 

Toshiba promotes the efficient use of resources in all business products, services and activities. The organization actively collaborates with relevant organizations, agencies and related companies in order to adapt business models for a more circular economy, specifically in regards to reducing waste volume. This is done through recycling products and parts, as Toshiba builds a circular economy business model based on a variety of solutions that make use of digital technologies.

  • Consideration of Ecosystems

Toshiba contributes to the creation of a society where individuals are able to live alongside nature and enjoy the wonders of ecosystems by promoting compliance with regulations and policies related to chemical substance management in countries across the globe, proper water resources management as well as activities to conserve biodiversity on and off Toshiba premises and sites.

The Toshiba group contributes to the sustainable development of society in the gulf and across the globe by developing and producing services and products designed to enrich lives and this is done through the development of technology and advanced service solutions. An example of this commitment can be seen in Toshibas ECO MFP technology

The World’s First Eco MFP by Toshiba

Toshiba developed the world’s first multifunction system with an erasable print function in order to help keep the planet green. This Hybrid technology offers one single device that prints regular as well as reusable prints, ultimately helping organizations and businesses save on paper, but that is not all.

Equipped with state-of-the-art features for contemporary document workflows, this hybrid technology is designed for businesses looking to combine ecology, economy, and efficiency.

Ecology: Providing businesses with technology to allow for the reuse of paper, lowering their carbon footprint significantly. 

Economy: This technology comes complete in one system that can print in regular black as well as in erasable blue. This means you can use the Hybrid MFP just like any other monochrome device to print in black yet still choose from a variety of finishing options, ensuring you have a system that covers all your needs.

Efficiency: Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Next controller boosts your productivity by driving its ease-of-use and ensures that the device is capable of adapting to your document workflows, ensuring you enhance your workflow capabilities.

Organizations are Turning to Toshiba to Reduce their Carbon Footprint

With only the best technology and strategy in place, Toshiba continues to help organizations across the Gulf and the globe in maintaining workplace sustainability regarding their print fleet and print environment, while encouraging sustainability across their own organization. 


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