Top Tips for Performing Better and Keeping Safer at the Shooting Range

Learning to shoot is great fun and a wonderful way of building friendships and becoming part of an exclusive community. According to Forbes, there are some 60 million target shooters in America. However, if you are new to shooting, you will be curious to know about many things, especially what to do at a shooting range. Some handy tips to maximize your day out on the shooting range:

Wear Suitable Clothing and Protection 

Shooting ranges do not impose any strict rules and regulations regarding attire for shooting, however, you must wear clothing, including shoes and socks, in which you are comfortable. Ideally, you should wear trousers that fit well and a shirt with a closed collar to prevent the casings ejected from the gun from slipping in at the neck. You must wear goggles and ear muffs to protect your eyes and ears laws4life.

Bring Along a Shooter with Experience 

You will do well to bring along a friend or a mentor with sufficient experience in shooting, especially at a range. He can teach you the finer point of shooting that can help you to improve accuracy and build familiarity with shooting range procedures lawyerdesk. Ideally, you should review the applicable rules before visiting the range to ensure full compliance.

Prepare your Gun 

You must ensure your gun is in working condition before entering the range. You must learn the proper technique of lubricating and cleaning your gun to prevent incidents like this. According to, you should make it a point to use good-quality gun oil on all parts except the slides, on which you need to apply high-quality gun grease. Remember to wipe away the excess gun grease to prevent your hands from becoming slippery or staining your clothes.

Darken Your Sights 

As an experienced shooter will tell you, bright lights or the sun can harm your sight. If you are shooting in an outdoor range in bright sunshine or an indoor range with bright lights, you should darken your sights to prevent missing your target. You can use a carbide lamp or a spray sight blackener to darken your sight to avert reflections off a shiny surface from misleading your aim.

Set Up Your Sights Properly 

It is vital to set up the sight on your gun properly and not take the sight installation by the gun factory to be accurate. For proper targeting, you must ensure the horizontal alignment of the sight is accurate and even on both sides to ensure consistency in the sight picture. You need to know that a bullet fired from a gun is not a missile that can lock onto a target. Keeping the sight aligned properly and keeping your position steady as you squeeze the trigger is vital lawyersmagazine.


At all times, when on the shooting range and outside, you must actively practice gun safety. Make sure the gun is unloaded but always treat it as if it was. It is important to know the lay of the range and what is beyond the target because you don’t want the bullet to strike someone accidentally.

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