Top Spots You Should Know about to Visit in Gurgaon

If you live in a busy city, you may think that there is no life. You may feel that there is only work and nothing fun. But that is not right. If you are a person living in NCR, then you must not mis out on the outstanding places of Gurgaon. You can find different types of destinations right from temples to museums, adventurous spots to gaming zones and much more. Once you have the intention to explore new places for your pleasure and relaxation; the city would not disappoint you.

And if you are an outsider and you have come to the city for some business work and you want some relaxation, then you can book rooms in Crowne Plaza Gurgaon for your stayover and comfortably explore the city during your trip. After all, it is all about what your preferences are and which type of spots you like the most. No matter who you are, there is everything for everyone and you would agree to this once you explore this city. For now, have a look at some spots here and your excitement would see no boundaries.

Kingdom of Dreams

People consider the Kingdom of Dreams as one of the first entertainment and leisure spots of India to explore. In case you love to explore India’s rich cultural heritage, extensive craft or scrumptious cuisines then it is one of the ideal places for you to explore.  Talking about the things to do at this place, Nautanki Mahal and Showshaa Theatre are the main zones where you can easily watch wonderful and incredible performances.

Then, you know Zangoora is one of the main and most popular shows of the Kingdom of Dreams that you must not skip. It is spotted in Gurgaon, and it is conveniently accessible through public transport, or you can even that of take a cab to reach there. No matter you are an individual or a family; you can experience a great time here.

Heritage Transport Museum

There are so many people who love to explore different types of old and new things. Now, if you are a museum person then you must not miss out on this place. Actually, there are a long list of museums in this city wherein you can go with your friends and family to explore different things. At the Heritage Transport Museum, you can get to see so many different kinds of cars. A lot of vintage bicycles, cars, boats and motorcycles amidst others. It would be an interesting visit, mainly for the kids. The museum has a massive collection of vintage transportation. Exhibitions are even organized in this museum every now and then. After all, it is about experiencing a great time and taste the creations of different times.

Damdama Lake:

If you are a nature lover and you like to explore natural spots, then you must not miss out on this amazing spot. It is true that this Damdama Lake is a gorgeous and peaceful lake, and you surely would get a lovely vibe here. You know this lake was formed up by the British in the year of 1947 for rainwater harvesting purpose.

Now, if you talk about the present time, this place is a home to more than one ninety-seven species of the native and migratory birds.  The environment of this post is even more thrilling during the time of monsoons. The water levels at this spot reach as high as that of fifty feet and this is the time when you can spot maximum number of migrated birds at this spot.  No matter kids or couples or anyone; you must definitely enjoy the natural and fresh vibe of this spot.

Oysters Beach Water Park

If you count yourself amidst people who are into adventure and fun, then this is a spot that you must not miss. It is time that you give yourself a chance to try out the rides that get you thrill and enjoyment. You would be happy and excited to explore the different types of rides in this park. Indeed, the water rides are surely going to steal your heart for sure. No matter you are a kid or a youngster or even a middle-aged person; if adventure gets you enjoyment, then this is a place for you Whether pool water activities or high slides; you would get it all at this place.

Vintage Camera Museum

Then if you have a special love for cameras then you must not miss out on this spot. This Vintage Camera Museum is formed up in a form of camera and the entry here is shaped in the form of lens. The museum possesses a display of a few of the beautiful yet antique cameras. Indeed, it is believed to be as one of the most refined spots that people visit in Gurgaon.

Moreover, it is not just about the cameras but also about the pictures. There is even the display of a few of the rare photos clicked by the rare cameras that are now displayed for the general masses to own a look during their visit here for enjoyment and exploration. In case you love to take pictures or use a camera; this is a spot for you. The point is when you go to these places, you would get to know about how the cameras have been developed from time to time. How the unique types of cameras touch lives over the time. After all, to be a good camera buff, you need to know the history too.


Thus, check out the availability to book rooms in Crowne plaza Gurgaon and visit this city for a great experience. Right from your work to relaxation, everything is catered on the plates of Gurgaon. After all, it is about what you want and how you look for it. And amidst the busy streets of this city, you do have enjoyment if you go for it. After all, you have just explored so many spots that you can check out right away.

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