There are many different types of traditional clothing in the world. Each country’s traditional clothing is associated with its own culture. Traditional dress is used to learn about the traditions of that country. Although the traditional clothes are old, now it is widely used

1. The Sari, Bangladesh :

Sari is a popular dress for Bangladeshi girls. Sarees come in different designs. One of the simplest items of clothing is a sari. It is a single length fabric and nine meters long. Sari is a popular garment in all Bengali societies, starting from the simple cotton version woven in Bangladesh’s streets. Sari is widely used not only in Bangladesh but also in India.

2. Gho, Bhutan :

Gho is the popular and national dress of Bhutanese men. Its circulation began in the seventeenth century. Gho is a garment equal to the knee’s length, which is obstructed by a scarf at the waist. Now local men use this dress for various occasions, and government officials are required to wear it.

3. Batik, Indonesia :

Batik carries an important identity in Indonesian culture. Batik shirts are usually worn by Indonesian men. These are usually worn on different occasions such as a wedding ceremony, a historical event, etc.

4. Tracht, Germany, and Austria :

Tracht is a traditional dress of German speakers. It is one of the most used garments in Germany. The popularity of this dress is increasing day by day among German-speaking countries. This dress was first used in the early nineteenth century.

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5. Conical Hat, Asia:

These hats are very popular in Asia. Conical hats are usually used to protect oneself from the rain and sun. Hats are used in various colors for beautification. Ordinary people, especially in the Borneo region, use conical hats for their daily work. Decorated colorful hats are specially used for various occasions.

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