Top 10+ applications for you to read the best webtoons in 2021

Are you looking for the best webtoons. In this post, I will show you the best alternative to Webtoon, where you can read your favorite comics or manga. Webtoon is the best way to read webtoons, manhwa and manga. It contains more than 170 popular comics. It is a great tool with nice features such as free use, regular updates, unlimited comic downloadable book, update recommendations, friendly UI, subscription support and more.

1. is one of the most important applications in the world, which allows you to read webtoons on iOS and Android devices. It has a huge list of popular titles, covering various genres, including fantasy, horror, BL, comedy, etc. In addition, it also provides many new services and nice features that stand out from other ones. Some of the most notable features are fast download speeds, 1080 HD, comments function, more than 500 authorized comics, daily updates, and chat with friends….

2. is a free application that contains thousands of novels and webtoons. It includes almost all popular games and is updated regularly to bring you the latest complete content for free. Manhwa is a community of millions of comic fans, where all users can share their experiences and recommend the best comics or novels to read and love.

3. is a free web as well as mobile application designed for people who like manhwa and want to listen to and read new novels, without daily restrictions. This application contains almost all advanced tools and features, making it one of the most popular tools. Like other Webtoon alternatives, you can read scenes from your favorite novels, take screenshots, and share them on social media. Its advanced tools make it easy for you to find, save, and even share your favorite novels, and add these novels to your library, making it better than the other apps on this list.

4. Manytoon Comics

Manytoon Comics is one of the best applications such as Webtoon, which allows readers and creators to communicate with each other. It gives readers and creators the best comic book experience ever. It offers thousands of images, characters and environments, allowing anyone to create their own comics and get real-time feedback. It brings many new methods of creating comics, such as fading out, reappearing, adding photos, modern AR for interacting with characters, and using voice recognition.


This site is an amazing alternative ti webtoon as well as available on Android and iOS devices. The platform brings light novel, manhwa, manhua and manga for free. All these comics are colorful and presented in different genres. Besides, it provides different functions: daily updates, weekly free comics, offline download and reading of comics, creating your own stories and so on. You can read comics in different languages, such as Thailand, English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Bahasa.

6. provides a world full of stories. It covers different types, such as adventure, melodrama, science fiction, BL/GL, … It is considered as one of the best applications such as Webtoon. You can read any comics for free. After reading the free chapters, you can use the borrowing system to read them for free. Users can rent new chapters after a period of time. You can also purchase chapters directly from your favorite authors.


With, you can follow your favorite comics and discuss with other fans like you. You will be notified every time the next comic is updated. It is one of the best applications like Webtoon. You can view thousands of freecomics, webtoons, manhwa, manhua. More than 20 sources from six languages. You can view what other people are reading and the types of comics popular on the Internet. The specially designed viewer provides the best comic reading experience, and advanced settings are provided in the viewer for extensive customization.

8. is considered as one of the most popular digital manga, manhwa, webtoons, webcomics applications, and it also allows you to read unlimited comics offline. It has a wide variety of high-definition albums that can run effectively on all screens such as tablets, PCs, and mobile applications. In addition, also has an album synchronization feature that you can access at any time. It also makes it easier for you to start where you left off.

9. is another alternative to Webtoons, a digital content provider and distributor optimized for mobile devices. This application is specially developed for webtoons, manhwa, webcomic lovers who want to enjoy all premium content completely for free without registration. A huge library of important comics and comics from all over the world, you can read and download at any time. You can also use the advanced search bar to search more than 20 categories, each with its own comics.

10. is one of the best yaoi manga  applications developed by Manycomic Entertainment . This is an excellent application that provides free and paid webtoons, manga, webcomics, which you can access anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can even see amazing manga works that you like. It contains more than 100 new comics from famous Korean authors and several newcomers from all over the world. It can be described as a one-stop comics platform, covering all comic-related news, publisher news, etc.

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