Tools You Have to Use on Your Website

Whether you’re looking for ways to tweak your website or you’re just creating one from the scratch, you wouldn’t want to underestimate additional tools that can help to achieve your business goals faster and with less effort. In this article, we’ll mention some must-have tools that any online entrepreneur should implement to their web page. 


Tools for measuring analytics are an integral component of any eCommerce business. With their help, you can analyze traffic, demographics and see details about new and returning visitors. To say more, you can get insights about the time customers stay on your website, etc. Among the myriad of analytical tools, there are free and to-be-paid ones with their unique features. Probably one of the most widely used ones is Google Analytics. 


It’s also worth mentioning several smart widgets that can enhance your website dramatically. Let’s begin with pop-ups. 

Pop-ups are promotional or informational windows that appear on a website, sometimes overlapping the main page, and require interaction from a user. Typically, they include a CTA button. If you consider pop-ups for your business, don’t forget about personalization and relevance in the first place. You can create different pop-ups for different situations or page tabs. For example, Jysk uses an email capturing pop-up right after a visitor landed on the main page.

One more thing is interaction. Some people may find smart widgets obtrusive or interfering with user experience. That’s why it’s essential to settle on an automation platform, where you can customize templates, choose an attractive design or even make them highly involving, for example, by adding gamification elements. 

Video pop-ups are definitely the next step in interactivity. If you want to tell more in a short period, you may want to consider adding a video from YouTube or other platforms to your popping window. With their help, you can instantly run tutorials, display reviews and opinions of your previous customers, and do just anything. 


Customer support on a website is extremely important. If a prospect has a question or a problem and has no option to contact the team, the one is likely to abandon the whole idea and start searching for something else. Chatbots can be an essential supplement to your support team. 

While tuning your chatbot, try to come up with as many questions as possible and add them to your chatbot flow. Just like that, you can create a full-fledged member of your team, that will take over the basic conversations and work round the clock. Also think about adding a welcome message for new customers and for those, who are frequent guests on your website, like MFMG does. 

Live chats

While it’s tempting to delegate all responsibilities to an AI, your chatbot must allow you to switch the conversation to a team member. With this option, you can handle more usual and individual situations at the same time without fear of it getting out of hand. Another option would be a simple pre-chat form if a user wants to ask a direct question outside the working hours. 


Social media icons on your website will empower your customers to get a broader view of your business and what you do. There can be umpteen possibilities to do that, starting from a Facebook Messenger integration to your chatbot or featuring Instagram posts on your website, just like Fenty Beauty does. 


There are certainly some elements to consider when you adjust your website. The aforementioned features should get you started on your way to a functional website, that will create a memorable experience for your audience and yield high revenue in return. Stay updated about website trends and implement some of them on your site!

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