Tips To Spot A Fake Profile On Matrimonial Sites

Digital technology has made it possible and even easy for us to get a lot of things done in life, whether it comes to work, entertainment or finding a life partner. Though you can and should make the most of it, being a little careful can go a long way in making your experience a really good one. While connecting with interesting people on matrimonial sites, it makes sense to stay positive as well as a little cautious. Fake profiles can otherwise mislead you and waste your time and effort. And you surely want to start on the right note while looking for that special someone who will say yes to you with complete honesty.

So, if you are ready to explore matrimonial sites now, here are some helpful tips to identify imposters and fake accounts.

1. Carefully Check The Profile Picture

A picture, as you may have often heard, says a thousand words. It can speak volumes about the person concerned. However, if someone has not shared photos, you can connect with him or her, have a conversation, and then ask for photos if they are comfortable.

It is also important to check if the age quoted by a person seems to match the picture provided. If this is not the case, you can always ask why, but keep it friendly. No matter how professionally a photo is taken, the lighting, angle and colors can cause a bit of mismatch at times. Also, make a note if their photo looks like a stock photo, or is heavily edited or seems too professional. To gain better clarity and if you are interested, you can strike up a conversation and then request photos that are a little casual or have been taken in a natural setting. 

In case the man or woman you are interested to know more about has only one picture uploaded, you can request more photos, stating your reason in a cordial manner. Those who are seeking companionship seriously are usually ready to share multiple photos that reveal their personality, preferences or hobbies. 

2. Look For Any Confusing Information And Inconsistent Detail

Anyone who is registering on a matrimonial site is required to provide accurate and frank information. So, carefully assess the specifications and if you find any contradictory and inconsistent information, tread with caution. Usually, in fake profiles, people tend to describe themselves as super-wealthy and rich.

3. Frequent And Recurrent Edits

Studies conducted on matrimonial sites reveal that those who craft fake accounts tend to make frequent edits. In case the person is changing his details, such as hobbies, religion, residence, occupation, etc. very frequently, there are chances that he or she might be trying to hide facts and give misleading information. A genuine and candid person does not need to do frequent alterations. So, keep your eyes peeled for such details and persistent editing. Also, try and gauge if the person you are interested in appears too perfect to be true.

4. Empty Sections On Profile

If someone is genuinely interested in getting married, he or she will never leave sections empty or skip a lot of questions in the profile. So, if you come across a profile that is not filled in properly except for the name, age, and location, it can be a sign of dishonesty.

5. If The Person Puts Undue Pressure On You

It has been observed that people with hidden motives are usually in a hurry to leave the matrimonial platform once their intentions are fulfilled. For instance, fraudsters might put undue pressure on you to exit the platform and connect with them via a messaging app like WhatsApp instead. They usually do this to avoid getting tracked by the matrimonial site. They might even try to exert unjustified pressure on you when it comes to meeting them or doing something. So, if you feel that someone on the matrimonial site appears too dominating and gives you no freedom of action, it is wise to stay away. Shift your conversation from the site to any other platform only if you are absolutely sure that you can trust the individual. Also, be wary if he or she asks you to meet without divulging sufficient personal information first.

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6. If The Person Makes Financial Requests

If you meet someone who is asking for money, it is best to report such an incident to the matrimonial site in question. Such people might harass you later on with more financial demands, if you forge a bond. He or she might start taking advantage of the relationship and claim that they have incurred a financial loss suddenly or are facing an unprecedented situation such as a health problem. These days, such scams are quite common. Thus, reporting such situations is recommended. Nowadays, divorce mediator is a common fact in the world.

To wrap things up, there is no single formula for a happy and successful marriage. What works for you might not work for another. However, trust and honesty are the foundation stones for every marriage that is meant to last. So, while you are looking for your perfect life partner on matrimonial sites, make sure you don’t fall for a fake profile or dishonest people. Keeping the above tips in mind will save you from a whole lot of hassle and make your experience a smooth one.

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