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Tips to maintain your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is often the obvious choice when decorating your safe space. The rustic feel that a good set of wooden furniture imparts is unmatched. The intricacies of designs on wooden furniture can make a space look classy effortlessly. Who doesn’t like a good old rocking chair or a functional yet dynamic study table? The adaptability of wooden furniture is what makes it a popular choice. It can fit into a contemporary or traditional home with equal ease. 

Although most people opt for engineered wood due to ease of maintenance and its low cost, wooden furniture has its charm and can last lifetimes, if cared for properly. Let us take a quick look at a few ways to ensure your wooden furniture stays in pristine condition.

Remove stains immediately – Wood as a surface is absorbent and can stain easily. This applies specifically in cases of a dining table set as the stains might be greasy or hard to remove. It is advisable to remove hard stains from wooden surfaces immediately. 

Dusting – Dust can form a layer on the wooden surface and scratch the surface and damage it. Once the dust on the surface becomes a few days old, it is difficult to get rid of it. This might also compel you to use chemicals and cloth that can be abrasive. Using linen chair covers can also be a stylish way to prevent dust buildup and surface damage. Not only does it provide protection, it also enhances the aesthetics of your furniture.

Assess environmental dangers – Wood is extremely sensitive to sunlight and can cause it to dry up and crack. It is a good idea to place your wooden furniture away from fireplaces or vents. Another danger to wooden furniture is that of white ants or termites. They can destroy your beloved possessions and render them useless. Keeping your furniture away from any infected area is extremely important.

Avoid too hot or cold  – Wood is sensitive to extreme temperatures and direct contact with a hot vessel or a very cold vessel should be avoided. It causes discoloration and irreparable damage. Make use of coasters to ensure the wooden surface remains protected. 

Keep sharp objects away – Containers with sharp edges, scissors, knives, and other such objects can leave scratch marks which are difficult and expensive to deal with. Sometimes, if the scratches are too deep, they can leave a permanent mark which can be an eyesore.  

Apply oil and wax regularly – oiling and waxing of wooden furniture should be done to ensure the surface remains protected. Due to waxing, the surface of the furniture becomes less susceptible to damage and it imparts a shine. Oiling ensures the surface does not dry out and begins cracking. 

Use lukewarm water for cleaning – Water should not be used to clean wooden furniture. However, in case of stains or overdue cleaning, a damp cloth can be used. Water used should be lukewarm to avoid damaging the surface. When cleaning furniture with water it is essential to not let the water sit on the surface for a long time. 

You are now armed with information to take care of your wooden furniture!

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