Tips for hiring a tree trimming service How to order work to know as soon as possible

Inside the house, having small or large plants will help keep the house from being too hot and stuffy. Especially Vietnamese is a country with a relatively hot climate. Including the strong sunlight in almost every season and especially if you have a house in the city and what it is. There will be a period of cold or freezing weather. A year will only meet a few days.

But it’s not that we should plant big trees to cover the whole house. Because it can make the house too gloomy and dark importantly, it is also home to many other types of saw-crawling animals. Therefore, the way it looks should be cut to make it a bit bulging is better. If you are thinking of choosing a tree cutting service, choosing a contractor near the house area is recommended.

This article is prepared to provide knowledge about essential tree pruning service (dịch vụ cắt tỉa cây xanh) and suitable for people who want to study to have knowledge and understanding to estimate the cost of cutting trees appropriately.

There must be a reason to cut down trees.

A tree lives just like our human body. Each time the tree is pruned, it affects the tree’s future growth. Therefore, we should not suddenly. If you want to cut somewhere, you can use a personal feeling that doesn’t have any academic principles.

The reason most people want to prune trees is to remove dead branches. Cut out the crowded branches to make them look airier. Or cut to avoid danger tree pushing roof-tree roots pushing the floor of the building A tall tree near the house is afraid that the branches will break into the roof. Branches rush into the house, afraid of animals or insects climbing into the house, etc. In addition, they may want to prune the tree to increase the light and airflow into the tree’s canopy or allow light to reach the ground below under the shade. Wood Most of the time, tree pruning is done to correct and prevent potential harm.

Regular pruning is not always good for the tree. This is because trees typically produce many leaves to help produce sugars for growth. Removing leaves from tree pruning decreases the tree’s growth and energy storage capacity. Heavy pruning can stress trees, especially when trees and humans live together. Tree pruning is therefore inevitable. Both for orders for beauty and safety, Therefore, having the knowledge and understanding of proper tree pruning service (dịch vụ cắt tỉa cây xanh) is an essential tool that can help us achieve both beautiful scenery and healthy trees simultaneously.

 When is the best time to prune the tree?

For the Vietnamese area, during the season that is recommended to order the most tree pruning service (dịch vụ cắt tỉa cây xanh) is the end of winter-summer because trees will grow and heal wounds from pruning faster than cutting during other seasons. Late winter-summer is a relatively dry season which allows the cuts to dry faster. The tree is not infected by the fungal spores of other plants that fly and infiltrate the plant through cut wounds.

But if you want to do some general pruning, such as removing weak, diseased, or dead parts from the tree, they can be pruned throughout the year.

Know the nature of the tree.

Homeowners should study the information of the tree before planting, such as height, canopy size, etc. Several homeowners like to cut down large trees without problems. It’s an act of wastefulness without a cause because each type of tree has a natural height when fully grown. Suppose the tree is not near a building or anything else that may pose a danger. There was no need to reduce the height of the tree. Because in the end, the tree will be back to the same height and may cause disease around the cut stump, making the tree unhealthy as well

Branches are naturally strong and not easily broken. But improper pruning causes future branches to die and make them easy to break. Therefore, a skilled trimmer should be hired. Trim properly to reduce dead branches and prevent future branch breakage.

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