Tips and Tricks to Write a Thesis By Yourself

Students and thesis go hand in hand. Every student doing any degree has to submit thesis during the final semester of their degree. The most important process involved in thesis is writing process. The essence of thesis comes out only when thesis is written or expressed properly on paper. Thus, this writing process can be stressful and cumbersome at times. Let’s find out tips and tricks of the writing process, to get best grades.

The process of writing a thesis or dissertation is filled with stress and is cumbersome. Every student has to submit thesis or dissertation at the end of their degree. Even if the literature survey, research, experiments are done to the best, it all depends upon how these things are expressed in the report. Thus, students are generally stressed out at the thought of writing thesis. Thesis writing help or Write My Essay can be availed from professional academic writing experts BookMyEssay.

When you start writing the thesis or dissertation, you seldom have time to take extra piece of advice from your guide or your senior in the college. A good writing can escalate the value of your thesis to A or A+. I personally know, how hard or tough writing a thesis can be. I myself have struggled a lot in writing the thesis or dissertation.

Why Writing a Thesis or Dissertation So Hard?

Usually when it comes to writing, many students chicken out. It’s difficult for them to connect to the thesis via writing. They find out many reasons which affects their writing:

  • They are writing what will be liked by your guide instead of expressing yourself
  • They are wasting time on social media

They are working to get an A rather trying to write the best of your knowledge

  • They don’t want to do any work

Thus, the biggest reason, we are not able to write down the thesis or dissertation is that we are looking for external approvals like getting a passing grade, winning your guide’s approval and avoiding any accusations of plagiarism. One of the way to avoid these reasons is by getting the Dissertation Sample Writing Help by BookMyEssay. Otherwise, a way to make the writings fun is by avoiding the need to get external approvals. Just write them for fun or for the expression of your thoughts.

How Does Want of External Approvals Tend to Affect Good Writing?

Because, when we seek external approvals we tend to shut down our subconscious and “Subconscious is the source of creativity”. What does this mean? It means that when we are trying to write an A+ worthy sentence, we are turning off our skills and resources.

So, just Stop! Stop! Stop!, writing a good or good enough thesis. Write an interesting thesis or write a fascinating dissertation. And then, when you finished writing, follow the process of editing it on the “good” standards of your guide.

Yes, now is the time to check the guidelines set by university and apply it to your thesis. If the guidelines ask you to write in active voice, do it; if it says to write the thesis in at least 10 paragraphs, do it; if the guidelines ask you to include 5 real time examples, add them. However, between these guidelines, do not forget your unique style that makes your thesis different from others. This process will guarantee good grades and most of all fun in writing the thesis.

Step By Step Process to Writing a Great Thesis or Dissertation

Let’s go through some tips and tricks that will make your writing the thesis a fun process enabling you to earn good grades.

  1. Stop Procrastinating: You have to write the thesis and have no clue as to where to start. Do not procrastinate the work. It the anxiety and pressure of writing high level that comes in the way. Just start writing without thinking. Soon you will find your thesis getting in a good shape.
  2. Do the Literature Survey: Start in a structured way. Collect some of the thesis, articles on the same subject. Now, structure the information using table. Use columns to write – name of the work, author, year of publishing, exact problem discussed, solution to the problem etc. If you collect and read 10 thesis or articles you will get a good start to write your thesis
  3. Check What Your Peers Have Done: Though you have not reached a certain level of expertise but it is always a good idea to asses what other students have done. Just try to find out things about there thesis that gives you knowledge and insight to write the thesis. This can be anything like subject of thesis, graphs, structure of the thesis, writing style, knowledge, chain of logic used etc.
  4. Organize Your Content: When you feel that you are ready to write, first organize your content. Do not just start from the center of the idea. Give logic, survey, research, idea some name like A, B ,C etc as such they are variables. Now first connect these variables by logic. This called chain of logic. Now arrange them in the form of logic and ellaborate every variable with examples, explanations etc. By doing this your mind will be clear and you will find that your thesis is taking its shape.

These are some of the tricks to get you started by overcoming your fear. Besides this, students can hire help for thesis writing. This way the burden will come off their head. The students can easily concentrate on their studies. For thesis writing help, professional writers like BookMyEssay are available 24by7.


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