TikTok Ads: How To Promote Sales For eCommerce Business?

Today, eCommerce marketers reject using Facebook Ads for traffic and sales. Likewise, businesses and brands can’t speed up their website traffic in the last two years. Yes! eCommerce marketers have no choice but to recognize their new acquiring channels. Meanwhile, TikTok users have become the right choice for promoting their eCommerce businesses. During the last year, TikTok topped as the trending new apps. It has become a fascinating advertising platform. The TikTok app has got new advertising formats for promoting its products. It offers discount deals, along with Shopify integration. Moreover, the platform excelled with 689 million monthly active users. 

Few may not use TikTok as an app for teenagers, but it’s not the fact anymore. Based on records, in the US, 47.4% of users are below 29 years. 51.8% of users make a turnover of $75000 every year. Do you work hard for productive results with Instagram or Facebook advertising budget? Then it would be best if you tried TikTok ads. We will outline every detail where you can know how to make your TikTok ads campaigns successful.

TikTok Ads: Best Practices For eCommerce Business

Look at the tips and tricks to support your design of a successful TikTok advertising campaign for your eCommerce business:

Make Use Of Creator Marketplace: Are you interested in running influencer marketing campaigns? In this case, TikTok builds the Creator Marketplace to support brands. But, first, yet, start recognizing famous influencers to associate with and advertise their products. 

Follow Up Top Trends: TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. The purpose is to stay on top of the recent trends. So make sure to invest time finding the most popular videos trends to engage your new content. 

Connect With Shopify Store: Include the TikTok app in your Shopify store where you can achieve your pixel. Manage your business profile, and make new posts without coming from your Shopify storyboard. 

Craft Your TikTok Content: TikTok is a perfect social media channel. It works for the top and middle of the business marketing funnel. Anyhow, making your organic TikTok video content must be focusing on the top of the funnel as your ads are in the middle of the funnel. 

Tip: The middle of the funnel content has a greater intent, where promoting the content will drive huge conversions than the top of the funnel content. 

Narrate A Story: TikTok users don’t need any explanation about your product’s pros and quality. Yet, they need a story that engages them in your ads. So, while promoting your products, go beyond the marketing factor and get into your brand’s intent, go BTS, get audiences to discuss why they should buy your products, how they make them feel and how they can help. 

Pro Tip: Are you trying to build up the online visibility for your TikTok profile? In such cases, start to make effective TikTok ads that gain instant recognition—along with this, making use of Trollishly that boosts up your engagement rate.

How To Make Best TikTok Ads Campaigns? 

Here, we will discuss the different TikTok ad formats for your business account. If you want to perform the best from your TikTok ads, try to make them engaging and creative, so if you need to promote your TikTok video post for higher engagement. The best idea is to start to buy tiktok likes that offer more organic likes and views for your business profile. 

In-feed Ads

These ads will display with the user’s feed, also referred to as the For You page. In these video ads, you can last between nine to 15-seconds longer as several of the other advertising formats are pretty expensive. Therefore, it is one of the best TikTok ads for your ad campaigns. 

Example: San Saru, a Spanish jewelry company, worked with TikTok’s latest Shopify integration to conduct in-feed advertising campaigns to generate sales growth. The campaign generated a 346% rise in their sales and returned on ad spend value of 175%

Branded Takeover

On TikTok using a branded takeover advertising format, your ads will take over the screen for at least a few seconds when the user enters the TikTok app. Here, the branded takeover ads work only for one advertiser every day, and the least spent value is $53K every day, which buys 8.9M impressions. An example of a branded takeover ad is Vans. 

Top View Ads

These ads are relevant to the brand takeover ads, except the TopView ads display five seconds after the user enters the app. These videos can long-last up to 60-seconds with full-screen. Also, it has got sound and auto-play, which includes links to their internal and external pages. It costs around $65K within a day, where you can get up to 7.4M impressions. Example: Oppo

Branded Hashtag Challenge

When users communicate with a branded hashtag from the Discovery page, it redirects to the landing page describing the challenge and displaying the most relevant videos. These advertising formats cost up to $150K. 

For example, eBay launched a branded hashtag challenge known as #LaceEmUp that called their followers to lace up their favorite sneakers and display their unique dance moves. The company associated with eight influencers to begin their challenge.

Approximately half a million people joined with the challenge by increasing eBay’s positive user sentiment. Also, it gained more than one billion views and a 5.2% increase in engagement rates. 

Final Facts About TikTok Ads

In a nutshell, yet, you are making your ads on Facebook or TikTok platforms. It would help if you always thought of making effective website traffic for your eCommerce traffic. TikTok will not stop being a social media powerhouse in the upcoming times. Thus, it would help if you gave a better try using Trollishly that offers your TikTok’s profile page. Follow these ideas to drive success for your TikTok advertising within less time!

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